Review of Starbuzz Unicus Hookahs

Starbuzz has three editions of the Unicus hookah. The first is known as Unicus. The subsequent editions have been released as Unicus 2.0 and Unicus 3.0. Unicus is a lightweight, portable, small but stable hookah for beginners. It is meant for those who would indulge in a session alone or with one companion. Unicus is among the smallest of hookahs available today, and it is also reasonably priced. What remains astounding about this range is its sheer quality. Unicus is among the steadiest hookahs cutting across sizes and price tags. It also happens to be one of the finest quality shishas to have ever been made, based solely on the flavorful and dense smoke it is capable of producing.

Unicus is Steady, Portable and Powerful

The first thing that would strike most people is the range of colors. Unicus has over a dozen color variants. There are almost a dozen monochrome designs, including red, green, blue, pink, and purple. This monotone is the distinct attribute of Unicus 1.0. Unicus 2.0 uses a combo. There are almost half a dozen options. You can choose your favorite color combination in this second generation range of Unicus. The third generation, which is the latest, Unicus 3.0 comes with duotone designs. Additionally, the design and craftsmanship have been enhanced.

While the colors are amazing, the first attribute that hookah connoisseurs would notice is the base. This is not among those hookahs that wobble or issue a warning every now and then that it would trip over and fall. The base makes it clear that the hookah would stand tall and strong, despite being short and lightweight, even when you move around the considerably long hose. Hookahs of this size, range or price do not have a hundred and fifty centimeters long hose, certainly not of wood or silicone.

Unicus is steady owing to the pyramid design of the base. It is portable owing to its light weight. It is powerful owing to the interesting design. One comprehensive glimpse before you shop and you would realize that the ceramic bowl is not too large. This means you cannot fill up too much of your favorite shisha tobacco. This is also precisely why you get to draw powerful, dense and flavorful smoke, irrespective of the type of shisha tobacco you choose to use. The smoke is powerful due to other factors as well. The stainless steel stem is not very long. There is enough space inside the glass base to have sufficient water, but not in excess. There is a filtration system inside the hookah that makes the smoke generated all the more flavorful and dense, bereft of unnecessary components in the air.

Unicus is one of the most affordable hookahs available in the market today, and that is not just at its price range or size. If you do not intend to host ten people at the same time, then one Unicus should be all you may need. Unicus is as brilliant in regards to aesthetics as it is when it comes to performance, sturdiness, ease of use, and durability.

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