Robots for Kids

Anki Cozmo

Cozmo is the best toy that can replace a pet for your child.


·        Age 8+ years

·        Application Used

·        Rechargeable batteries required


·        It has its intelligence and attracts to new games.

·        Periodically, new features and updates.

If your child dreams of a puppy, but you do not have the opportunities and time for it, then this Cozmo robot will be a great alternative. It can play, perform different commands, and at the same time, he looks charming.


Cozmo has the function of recognizing faces, so it shows a definite reaction to the child. A variety of features allows it to be a full-fledged animal for your kid. You can take care of Cozmo and have fun with it. You take off the extra responsibility, in contrast, a real animal.

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  1. Creativity for kids – one of the most critical skills that a child needs in this generation. It is the creative people in life today that are successful, and creativity begins to be nurtured in the young years. When it is not cultivated what we get are cookie cutter, robotic adults who cannot think for themselves if we want our children to be creative adults than we need to start thinking about their creativity at the earliest stages in their preschool years.

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