runescape 07 gold Boss Slayer Idea: Extend the Task Length to Make It Worth of Unlocking

runescape 07 gold Boss Slayer Idea: Extend the Task Length to Make It Worth of Unlocking

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  1. Jagex just announced that the highly-anticipated boss slayer has been unlockable in runescape 07 gold. With this new updates, players will be allowed to take on favorite bosses as slayer assignments and get some xp rewards. Nevertheless, as soon as the update were announced, players showed out lots of concerns, among which, the length of boss task and xp gaining are the most greatest focuses. Follow RSorder to have an exploration about what happened to boss slayer and what solution will be provided.

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    Boss slayer come OSRS & the official further explanation

    Currently, the boss monsters Nieve and Duradel can be unlocked in Old School Runescape. Paying 200 slayer reward points, you can unlock them and get some potential slayer assignments, and each task’s completion will grant you an additional 5,000 xp. See detailed infor of Boss Slayer & Skill Total Worlds on RSorder.

    Since there are not many details about how the slayer works, players have voiced out some concerns about this contents. Here RSorder will provide you a brief summary about Jagex’ answers to the concerning questions.
    1. Requirement: Some certain stats or quests are required to access boss tasks. For example, you need Priest in Peril to access Morytania before you’ll get Barrows Brothers. As for the way that barrows brothers work, Mod Ash told that it will be “Kill 6 Barrows Brothers”. Players can do each of them once during a standard run, or just kill Torag 6 times over as many login sessions as they like.
    2. Slayer partner: Partner slayer will work with boss tasks provided the partner has spent points to unlock the feature, have access to the boss in question, and have Agility level to access some tasks, such as Zilyana task. Thus, if you want to fight together with your partner, cheap 07 rs gold on RSorder will help both you to reach the requirement more quickly.
    3. XP bonus: All bosses from the boss log (log on your ring of wealth) except corp can be assigned. However, the additional 5k xp bonus will be granted only when you complete the task, not every boss.

    Concern on extending the length of boss task

    Although the coming of boss slayer does hype some players up, they expressed that the xp for doing a 3 venanatis and 5k slayer xp for the completed task is a bit whack for the time spent. Due to this reason, upon getting faster xp at bloodvelds, black demons, daganoths and greater demons the boss slayer seems to be a bit pointless, especially when the work way is changed from “Kill X of any boss” to “Kill X of a specific boss”. Of course, some players do slayer only for the loots and thus think it should not be most efficient way. A certain part of them believe 3 venanatis, shown in the news post picture, is a bit small for a boss task and hope to extend these tasks and get an additional unlock for bigger boss tasks. To answer this concern, Mod Kieren told that they were considering the possibility of an unlocking to double the lengths of boss tasks and possibly bring it in the near future.

    Slayer just got bigger and scarier with the release of boss tasks. Have you been ready to take down your favorite bosses and win some loot? RSorder 50% off sale for rs 2007 gold is coming soon to help you out in the slayer. Enjoy it.


    Detailed Info of Boss Slayer & Skill Total Worlds in Runescape 2007

    Boss slayer will replace a regular assignment

    Four worlds requires minimum total level to access them

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