runescape 2007 gold Suggestion: Buff Torag’s Hammers with Double Hit to be Viable Weapon

runescape 2007 gold Suggestion: Buff Torag’s Hammers with Double Hit to be Viable Weapon

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  1. Recently, we have got Jagex’s plan in bringing many contents like Cerberus, Boss Slayer and Jad Pet to Old School Runescape in the forthcoming days. With increasing enrichment of contents, players are paying more attention on weapon utility, aiming at making it useful in battle. Here RSorder will show you a topic about buffing Torag’s hammers to be more viable and some suggestions that come from Old School Runescape players.

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    Torag’s Hammers need to be buffed with double hit

    Having two weapons, Torag’s hammers are in fact not so popular among players since they only provide one hit. Besides, they have lower value compared to other barrows weapons due to their lower strength bonus and useless special effect in combat. Out of this reason, currently there was a post on reddit that suggest buffing torags to allow them hit twice to make it more viable to worth of rs 2007 gold spending.

    As soon as the idea to allow Torag’s hammers being 2 hits rather than just 1, many players have expressed their support to buff the Torags set and improve their DPS. At the same time, some other players told that double hit would make Torag’s hammers over powerful. So is there any idea to make the weapon more useful but keeping them from being outrageous? You can share your opinion on RSorder Facebook, or follow our step to see what realistic suggestion can be gained from the community.

    Realistic suggestion: Give 25% chance of it hitting twice

    Almost all players agree to give a buff to Torag’s Hammers, but double hit seems to be too much buff for the weapon. Basically, what players are essentially asking for is to improve the DPS of the Torags set. If we make it better DPS than whip and defender, it will be over powerful; otherwise it will still remain dead content. To make a balance, giving the set a 25% chance to do a double hit seems to be a realistic option, which could lead to Torags being used to pk somewhat without somehow improving its DPS rate significantly

    In fact, some other barrows sets don’t necessarily have a good DPS as they have a unique ability. For example, Guthans has a chance to heal you, Veracs has a chance to hit through prayer, and Dharoks hits higher the lower hp you have. Similarly, Torags needs a unique ability to be a viable pking set like Dharoks. It’s simple with full prayer points you have a 10% chance to hit twice with torags set. With 0 prayer points you have a 50% to hit twice with Torags set. Assuming most people would pk with a whip and full Torags and then switch to hammers when they are at low prayer and try to time Venge at the same time, this would be a cool way to make Torags useful without overpowering it in some way.

    Of course, it is only a rough idea that still needs to be improved if Jagex even considers buffing Torag’s Hammers. And obviously, to make the suggestion realistic, it is necessary to work out a reasonable number and percentage of how much buff should be given. Just keep the hope and stay tuned. Additionally, RSorder flash sale to give away 100M 07 runescape gold and 4 rs 2007 fire capes will begin on August 17, 2015 at 3 a.m. GMT. Don’t forget to join in us and get some free gold or fire cape. Enjoy it!


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