safewow 6% off wow gold for sale: Love in the Air WOW 2017 Guide on Love Token

safewow 6% off wow gold for sale: Love in the Air WOW 2017 Guide on Love Token

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  1. Love is in the air wow 2017 is now live in Orgrimmar for Horde and Stormwind for Alliance. This event will end on February 21. Here is a Love is in the Air WOW 2017 guide on How to earn WOW Love Tokens, and how to defeat the boss encounter and get rewards.

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    How to earn WOW Love Tokens?

    Love Tokens: used to purchase special items, pets, toys, and mounts, and earned by doing the daily quests, killing the bosses of this event, and buying with Lovely Charm Bracelets WOW from Lovely Merchants at a rate of 1 Lovely Charm Bracelet for 1 Love Token.

    To craft a Lovely Charm Bracelet, you need to collect 10 Lovely Charms. Lovely Charms drop from creatures that reward experience or honor. Or you can also buy Lovely Charm Bracelets from other players. As some items have a limited duration, you cannot trade them through the auction house.

    How to defeat Crown Chemical Co. Trio & get loot?

    The boss encounter of the event is located in Shadowfang Keep. Players can get accessed by queuing for it in the Dungeon Finder or by speaking to Steamwheedle Shyster in the Trade District. There, you will run into:

    Apothecary Hummel only has Perfume abilities;

    Apothecary Baxter only has Cologne abilities;

    Apothecary Frye has both Perfume and Cologne abilities.

    Players can use Perfume Neutralizer immune to Perfume attacks and Cologne Neutralizer immune to Cologne attacks.

    The first time that you defeat the boss encounter in a given day (about one week), you will be given a Heart-Shaped Box which may contain 10 Love Tokens, Big Love Rocket WOW, Forever-Lovely Rose and others.

    Every time you defeat the boss encounter, Apothecary Hummel will drop a Neck item.

    Love is in the air 2017 rewards

    Pets: Peddlefeet and Toxic Wasteling are battle pets with holiday-themed abilities.

    Mounts: Swift Lovebird can be bought from Lovely Merchants for 270 Love Token. Big Love Rocket has an extremely low chance to drop once a day from Heart-Shaped Box tied to the Apothecary Hummel encounter. In Love is in the air wow 2017, the minimum level to queue up for Shadowfang Keep via the Dungeon Finder is level 16. It will be easier to farm WOW Big Love Rocket.

    Toys: WOW Love Boat for 270 Love Tokens and Sturdy Love Fool for 100 Love Tokens.

    Along with new wow mounts, pets and toys in Love is in the Air 2017, there are many achievements, like the Charming achievement by earning 12 WOW Lovely Charm Bracelets, and My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose wow.

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