safewow neverwinter astral diamonds PS4 is full in stock with Storm Kings Thunder Developer Hub news

safewow neverwinter astral diamonds PS4 is full in stock with Storm Kings Thunder Developer Hub news

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  1. Storm King’s Thunder Features – Let’s talk about the kinds of things you’ll be doing in this new expansion.

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    Class Balance: Hunter Ranger – With the Hunter Ranger, it was apparent from combat log data that they lag behind other DPS classes a fair amount in Dungeons and other end-game content.

    Class Balance: Scourge Warlock – The Scourge Warlock presented a different, though similar, set of problems to the Hunter Ranger. While not dominated solely by one build, the second build relied on bugs to be viable.

    Class Balance: Guardian Fighter – For Guardian Fighters, we knew we wanted to look at two things: their damage, and their group utility.

    Bryn Shander – Adventurers will be tasked with saving Bryn Shander from certain destruction and unraveling the mystery behind who attacked the walled city.

    Bryn Shander Campaign – The Storm King’s Thunder campaign leads players to the rescue of Bryn Shander, chief settlement of Ten Towns—a series of remote towns in the frozen wastes of Icewind Dale.

    Fangbreaker Island – Fangbreaker Island is located out in the Sea of Moving Ice and is one of the keeps of the frost giants where they store the treasures that they’ve plundered.
    Environment of Bryn Shander – This map has two major areas, the inside section of the city and just outside the southern gate in the tundra.

    World Building of Lonelywood – Lonelywood is a very specific area in the D&D world so it had to meet certain specifics but within those parameters we were pretty free to creatively explore and create.

    LoreStory of Storm King’s Thunder – We’re here to give you a little insight into the story and background of our upcoming expansion, and how it ties into Wizards’ release.

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