safewow share Legion Alpha Build 21134 Data Updates and wow gold for sale now

safewow share Legion Alpha Build 21134 Data Updates and wow gold for sale now

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  1. A new Legion Alpha builds is on its way! The pace of the updates has picked up recently, so we’re expecting fewer changes in these posts. We’ll be updating this post over the course of the afternoon with any interesting data we find.

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    Water Strider mounts received a nerf – Azure Water Strider only works in Pandaria, Crimson Water Strider Draenor. This is likely to make the Fishing Artifact appealing as it has a waterwalking perk. Sculpted Eaglebone Ring is also an item from a treasure that will let you mount on water with ANY mount in Legion.
    New foam sword toy! Soft Foam Sword. Hopefully this will be a cheaper version of Foam Sword Rack.
    New mount: Fel Core Hound Harness. Looks like this mount will be crafted based on this spell.

    Garrison and Shipyard Missions that rewarded gold have been changed. They now reward Garrison resources instead – yes, even Blingtron’s Secret Vault
    Follower and Ship traits that increased gold gains now have other rewards.

    Class Changes:

    New Artifact Traits for Balance Druids ( Echoing Stars, Sunblind) and Brewmaster Monks ( Obstinate Determination). The Artifact Calculator is now updated with all of the changes. Beast Mastery and Survival Hunters, Brewmaster Monks, Holy Priests, Assassination Rogues, Enhancement Shaman, and Protection Warriors also received changes.
    A number of specs received new PvP talents, including Clan Defender for Guardian Druids and Craft: Nimble Brew for Brewmaster Monks. Our PvP talent calculator is updated with all of the changes.
    The Paladin Artifacts appear to be going through some revisions. All three of them now have “Test” versions in the Artifact calculator, in which the first Artifact Trait is now swapped in as the weapon effect: Test Holy/ The Silver Hand, Test Protection/ Truthguard, Test Retribution/ Ashbringer. The Retribution test calculator is a bit farther along and you can see that the Weapon equip effect and first artifact trait have simply swapped places from the regular calculator.

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