Save Microsoft Office Files as PDF

Save Microsoft Office Files as PDF

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  1. It seems everyone has a web site. Some share their photos with friends and family while others will try to make a living and so they create a web site to get them through the initial hump of advertising for a reasonable cost. While it seems all good in the beginning there are some very good reasons to upload *.pdf format files to the internet. The security of knowing that it is more difficult for plagiarism, less likely they can download and edit your content is priceless.

    Resolve the PDF Issue

    Of course, Adobe Acrobat is quite proud of their application and purchasing it may be outside the price range of most individuals and some small businesses. Don’t worry! There is a free utility that can be found right on the Microsoft web site that will enable you to save your Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher documents to a *.pdf format for no money at all!

    Downloading the Utility

    You should be! If you visit the Microsoft web site and put "download save as pdf" you will be directed to a listing of links. The very first link will be the one that you click on. Follow the steps below to download and install the utility.

    How to Download and Install Microsoft’s Save as PDF Utility

    1. Visit Microsoft’s Official web site
    2. Type "download save as pdf"
    3. Hit enter
    4. Click on the first link
    5. Click on the ‘download’ button
    6. Click on Start Download
    7. Click on Run
    8. Check to accept Microsoft’s licensing agreement
    9. The utility takes 1 – 2 minutes to install.

    Verify Installation

    Open your word processor, Microsoft Word. Click on the Windows button in the upper left corner, and Save as, you should find PDF or XPS in your list of save as options now.

    The utility works on Microsoft Office 2007. Now you can safely share important information that you wish to show for example purposes. This utility comes in handy for the person who wishes to publish short stories, articles and papers for example on their web site. Protection of works is important and this utility is a great way to keep your work your own.

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