1. As you look at all of the scrapbook pages and layouts that are presented in magazines and books and spread all over the scrapbooking internet sites, you’ll notice that 99% of them have a title.  A title simply sets the stage for the page.  Titles are great.  A beautifully executed and worded title can be the focus of the page, second only to the pictures.

    • A title can be no-nonsense, factual and to the point:  First Day of School, Baby Girl, Big Boy
    • Maybe a whimsical title is more your style.
    • A quote, song title, or a line from a song:  Over the Rainbow, Viva La Vida, Rainy Days and Mondays
    • Book titles or nursery rhymes:  Little Boy Blue,  Twilight
    • Alliteration: Preschool Pandemonium
    • Play on words

    I’m going to let you in on a secret…

    It’s not earth shattering, and it’s not going to change your world as you know it, but it might help take the pressure off from making the “perfect” scrapbooking page.

    You don’t have to title your page

    There it is, I’m just throwing it out there. 

    Try creating a scrapbook page WITHOUT a title.  When you don’t have to find the space for the title you can let the creativity flow.  Cover the page with your creation and not give a thought to what font, stickers, or chipboard alphabets to use.

    On the flip side, create a scrapbook layout around the title; come up with a title first, then find pictures, paper, and embellishments to support your title. 

    Whatever way you choose to make your page, there is no "wrong" or "right" way to do it, no end to the possibilities.  Create and capture those moments to your heart’s content, and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

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