Secrets to iPhone and iPod App Rankings

Secrets to iPhone and iPod App Rankings

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  1. The system of ranking Apple applications is extremely helpful when shopping for new additions to your iPod, iPhone or iTouch library. When you are in the App Store, you can browse and search for different applications. You can also view ratings and feedback from others users. This allows potential buyers to get a picture of what the program does before they commit to a purchase.

    There are many different genres of applications. Some perform practical tasks, such as the flashlight or the calculator. Others are simply for pleasure, like logic puzzles or video games. Whatever the genre, it is important that the community of app users ranks each one following a few simple guidelines to ensure the best experience for all buyers.

    Remember the Golden Rule

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Always take your application ratings seriously, and rate them with the quality that you expect from others. It is essential that users rank applications truthfully and according to their experience. If we do this, everyone can find those that are well made and useful while avoiding bad investments.

    When you rank every application based on your honest experience, the odds are that the majority of other rankings will be similar to yours.

    Leave Useful Feedback

    When you enter the App Store and search for a specific program, you will be given the opportunity to rank it on a five star scale (five stars being the best). You will also be prompted to leave written feedback. This is a great opportunity to share specific experiences and useful opinions about your use. Here are a few questions to answer in your blurb:

    • Is the application easy to use and understand?
    • How often do you use it?
    • Do you have it on an iPhone, iPod or iTouch?
    • Was it worth the money you paid for it?
    • Why do you think it is worth purchasing?

    Relevant, personal anecdotes about your experience are appreciated, but make sure to keep your feedback concise. Before you evaluate it is often helpful to make a list of the things you look for in a quality app, and then judge each one based on that list.

    Be Genre Specific

    The type of feedback you provide and the reasons that you rank the application a certain way will depend on the genre of the program. Games and puzzles will be great for very different reasons than social networking tools. While all users want any application to be user-friendly and eye-catching, a game has a different set of standards than a calculator in terms of quality.

    Be Professional

    While it is always smart to use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar in your writing, it is particularly important when you are giving an educated opinion. Qualified assessments are always better received when the source takes measures to appear credible and trustworthy.

    Each of these guidelines can also serve as a litmus test to determine the validity of the rankings you compare for your personal purchases. The most dependable rankings are clear, relevant and professional. If a user determines that an application deserves two out of five stars yet the majority are giving it all five, the odds are that particular user is not credible, and certainly didn’t read this article.

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