Setting Up a Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookah

Putting a Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookah together may look like an intimidating chore, but it is not. You only take a couple of minutes once you know the different hookah parts and how they function. If you are unable to start, stop pondering because we will guide you thoroughly in this Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookah Set-Up Guide.

There are two kinds of hookahs available in the market. One is the modern, machine-made hookahs with perfect snug fits, and another is traditional styled, handmade hookahs like Khalil Maamoon. Our Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookahs are handcrafted in Egypt by the most experienced hookah artisans. For this reason, two hookahs of the same range or model are likely to have some variations. They are not perfect, but they are exclusive.

Depending on the model and package you purchase, you will get an Egyptian glass base, a stem, a hookah bowl, a hose, three grommets, a pair of tongs, and two maintenance brushes (the bigger one is for the base and the smaller one is for the stem). Make a habit of washing and cleaning all the Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookah components whenever you buy a new one. You never know if there is any residue inside the hookah components. But don’t wash the non-washable hose. 

Now that you have cleaned up your Egyptian Hookah, let’s start setting it up.

  • Place the base upright on a table. Make sure it is big enough to conduct the entire setup safely.
  • Now get the hookah stem and the biggest rubber grommet from the package. Gently, put it onto the base shaft that is underneath the hookah stem. Never put it on the opening of the base, then inserting the stem. It will not fit properly.
  • Now the put grommet-fitted stem into the hookah base. If it is not a perfect snug fit, try wrapping it with tape or switching to a flexible elastic grommet or a gasket.
  • Add the second-large rubber grommet onto the hookah stem’s neck and put the bowl on top of it. All the components, including the base, stem, tray, bowl, should align perfectly.
  • It is time for the smallest grommet that needs to go into the hose port. It allows a perfect airtight lock for the hose. The other end of the hose that comes with a handle is what you will hold to smoke. Now, insert the grommet-fitted hose end in the open hose port of the Khalil Maamoon Glass base.
  • The basic set of your Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookah is done. However, if you want to smoke your favorite shisha right now, then you need a few more things – water, coals, and shisha of your choice.

Setting Up for Your First Smoke Session

Before you start packing the bowl, fill in the base with water. The water volume should be enough to submerge an inch of the stem; otherwise, it will not produce enough smoke. If you want cool, denser, and heavier smoke, you can put in some ice or cold water.

Use the sprinkling method to pack your Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Clay Bowl with your favorite hookah tobacco. Now, cover it tightly with a double layer of aluminum foil and poke several holes onto it. Place two to three lighted charcoal cubes towards the edge using the tongs provided. Give it a couple of minutes to heat up before you start enjoying your first dramatic hookah session.

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