Should You Wear Heels on an Island?

Should You Wear Heels on an Island?

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  1. The colorful and artistic world of shoe fashion somewhat disappears in a laid-back place such as a beautiful vacation island. For shoe lovers living on one, it shouldn’t always be flip flops just because of the beach. Women, anywhere they may be, should always have more fun when it comes to choosing their footwear.

    Strappy platform shoes are very trendy this summer. But living on an island always poses the biggest challenge to wear them. You cannot exactly walk on sandy beaches in these heels. There’s always the chance of getting them soaked or ruined by sand or mud.

    Many designers have come up with trendy "resort-ready" heels that guarantee style even on a beach. Strappy wedges, scarf tie-up ankle sandals and flat gladiators are available on local department stores in very affordable prices.

    Platform leather wedges are great to use on soft sandy beaches without the fear of ruining the shoes. Open-toe heels and sling backs are always the stylish choice for many women in summer. Many pumps thesedays are as high as 10 centimeters in platform style with one or two centimeters elevated front heels. There is no doubt that these heels bring elegance once worn while flats and thongs are comfy and casual wear.

    So the question, to heels or not to heels when on an island? It is definitely a must to always have a pair of heels stacked away in your suitcase when you travel to the islands such as Hawaii. Or anywhere else exciting for that matter. Dinner and club-party dresses look fabulous with a pair of stylish pumps no matter where you are, whether you are sitting, dancing or simply having fun.


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