1. Grooming dogs should be introduced at a very early age. Even when the puppy does not appear to need a haircut, it is important that the process, tools and bathing be slowly introduced from the day you bring the puppy home. Purchase a good quality brush and comb and use them often, more to get your pup accustomed to being handled. Be sure to use a lot of praise when the puppy cooperates and in no time, the extra attention will be much appreciated. For dogs with special grooming needs, a professional groomer may be needed by three months of age, more to get used to the sounds of a grooming shop. With your early introduction to this process from day one, the first real grooming experience will be a pleasant one for you, the puppy and your groomer.

    The most important part of smart pet grooming is in the types of tools you use for a healthy skin and coat. Your concern is your pets’ health and the remedy of skin problems, parasites, lumps and bumps, and any other unusual problems.

    A proper brush and comb are the most important set of grooming tools you need to purchase when you get your puppy. All brushes certainly are not the same, as you would need a much different brush for a short hair dog than a longer coated canine.

    For a young puppy and dogs with short hair, a soft bristle brush would be safe as it will pull up any dead hair or skin while distributing natural oils throughout the body. A large selection of proper brushes and combs can be purchased at specialty pet stores. Staff is usually very helpful for your particular needs.

    For medium to long coat dogs, a slicker bush is the best option to get through each strand of hair. Slicker brushes are widely used by groomers and contain small metal pins with a rubber backing and sometimes with protective tips. With long hair, it is best to run a comb through the coat first, followed by a brushing to distribute the natural oils. Special grooming combs can be purchased at fine pet stores, sometimes with small tines on one side and larger ones on the other. Long coat dogs must be combed and brushed daily as you would your own hair in order to prevent mats, which is painful for your dog if not attended to.

    If your dog does develop a mat or two, mat combs are available to cut through the knots safely and relatively painless, then followed with the comb and brush procedure.

    Rubber mitts are also available with nubs to rub and stimulate your dogs’ skin (not recommended for longer coats). Mitts are a great way to provide your pet healthy skin. Even better, highly recommended, is a rubber mitt that can be used while lathering your dog in the bath, providing a much welcomed massage while bathing.

    For special needs like parasites, special combs are available for that as well from specialty pet stores. The teeth (tines) are very small to catch anything that should not be on your dog.

    Happiness for your pets’ health begins once you have all the proper grooming tools to guarantee a healthy and shiny coat for your dog.

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