Spyware Removal Software

Spyware Removal Software

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  1. Spyware is the virus of the new millennium.  When you hit the internet for practically any reason you run the risk of contracting either a mild or volatile spyware attack.  Reviewing some common anti-spyware programs that can be downloaded for free may help you to make the best decision for what you should get.


    Spybot has been around for a long time.  The software comes as a free download from legitimate download sites and from their own web site.  This software has features that include a tea-timer that will keep down the possibility of infiltrations as they try to come through.  Downfall of this application is also the tea-timer, which comes up and forces some sort of response before you can really get rid of the screen.  This software comes with updates that can be automated, but it does not seem to rid your computer of the most volatile of spyware attacks.


    Adaware is a step above Spybot.  It is effective as a mild spyware removal utility.  You can also configure this application to update automatically and set it up to scan on Windows startup.  This software can also degrade a slower system’s response while it is running.  This is not an optimal choice for spyware removal utilities, but it is does some good work for your computer.


    This robust utility cleans more spyware from your system.  It can also be updated through automatic configurations.  Malwarebytes will pick up more of the spyware events that exist, however it will not clean the most volatile.  This utility will not even run if you have some of the more dangerous infiltrations.


    This is a highly recommended application for spyware removal.  There is a free and advanced version of this utility, however for most people the free download version is more than adequate to rid your computer of even the volatile spyware attackers.


    There are spyware removal software manufacturers that actually create spyware that gets installed on your computer just to get you to purchase their software to clean it out.  This is a terrible idea.  The free anti-spyware utilities that are mentioned above, for the most part, will not clean your computer once you have one of these spyware installations on your computer.  Superantispyware will clean this spyware.  If you are unable to run the standard method for this utility you can go to your programs list and start the "alternate start" version.  This one runs under the radar.  You can watch it perform its tasks but the spyware does not have the ability to override it’s use.  **Just because the anti-spyware software may **look** legitimate does not make it so.  An especially volatile version of spyware mimics the Microsoft logo, by creating a shield with the Microsoft colors.  The appearance gives a false sense of security.  

    Alternatives to Clean your Computer:

    Because spyware takes over Windows profiles it is sometimes necessary to create a clean profile just for the purpose of running the spyware removal utility and ensure that the system gets cleaned.  Spyware infiltrates many facets of the Windows registry and this will keep the software from thoroughly removing the application.  To create a new profile you have to go to the Windows control panel and manage users.  Create the new profile, and then log out of your computer and log into the newly created profile.  Then run the spyware removal utility, reboot your computer when everything is cleaned, and then if you wish you can remove the temp profile by logging back into your original profile, visiting the control panel and deleting the temporary profile.

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