Starbuzz Blue Surfer Review

Blue Surfer is one of the many shisha flavors you will find in the Exotic range of Starbuzz. Mostly available in 100g and 250g sizes, Blue Surfer is a tropical shisha flavor. It uses golden Virginia tobacco leaf, pineapple, grape, and blueberry. While it is branded as Blue Surfer, the tobacco is actually of a shade of orange. It is a moist tobacco with largely small to medium pieces, and a few stems. In a world that is flooded with tropical flavors, let us assess how Blue Surfer of Starbuzz fares and if it is worthwhile.  

Flavor Profile of Starbuzz Blue Surfer

There is more than one flavor in this tobacco, but you would not be able to tell which one is primary and what is secondary. The flavor profile works like one distinct aroma, texture and taste. The aroma is not overwhelming. It is pleasant. There are some tropical flavors that fill up a room when you open the can. The Blue Surfer does not have such an effect, which is pleasant for those who do not like unusually sweet and excessively aromatic tobaccos.

Blue Surfer is a mild shisha flavor. There is only a tinge of blueberry and grape. The pineapple flavor is most pronounced. There is a hint of coolness, but the flavor does not contain any menthol. Some people also experience a little mint or tartness, but the flavor does not pack any lime, or lemon. It could be the grape that lends to some tanginess. The flavor is largely sweet, but not like candy. The smell may remind one of jellybeans but the taste is nowhere near as sweet.  

Vapor Quality & Cloud Density of Starbuzz Blue Surfer

Starbuzz Blue Surfer is a juicy tobacco. Those who have used shisha flavors of Starbuzz and other premium brands are familiar with slightly moist tobacco. The moisture helps retain a lot of the aroma and adds texture. Exceedingly dry tobacco tends to become brittle, and can be unmanageable. However, Blue Surfer is not just moist. It is almost juicy. This is not a problem, but you do have to wait for a while before the heat weaves its magic, and you can extract sufficient vapors. The cloud density of the tobacco is satisfying. You should wait for three to four minutes after putting on lit charcoals atop the foil for the heat to percolate down through the tobacco and bring about large enough flavorful clouds of vapor through the hose.

User Experience of Starbuzz Blue Surfer

Blue Surfer is one of the safer shisha flavors of Starbuzz. It is fitting for everyone, beginners to connoisseurs. There is no choke, bite, or unpleasant aftertaste. The flavor is not too strong, or bold for that matter. There is a mild sensation, no discomforting kick. The flavor can also be blended with other shishas, whether tropical or otherwise. This may not be the ideal base, but one or two complementing flavors for the Blue Surfer can make for an amazing session, especially if those are heavier, stronger, and bolder.

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