Starbuzz Bold Shisha Tobacco Flavors to Try On!

Starbuzz Tobacco has added a unique new twist to your classic hookah smoking with its bold and robust tobacco series; Starbuzz Bold line. You can expect some bold and exotic tobacco mixes that you may never have tasted before. Indulge in robust smoking experience along with some unusual spices and tastes from all around the world with us. Check out top 10 Starbuzz Bold hits below down here.

  1. Starbuzz Bold White Chai. It resembles much with Starbuzz White Peach; however, it got some additional zesty tea notes as well. Overall, this spicy peach shisha is a must-try.
  2. Starbuzz Bold White Mint. It is icy, sweet mint tobacco that is a brilliant standalone flavor as well as makes stunning mixes. Try mixing it with Starbuzz Grapefruit or Starbuzz Lemon for a mesmerizing session.
  3. Starbuzz Bold Jack the Ripper. It is a deadly combination of sweet grapes and robust spices that you could never think of until now. Once tried, it is hard to put down the hose.
  4. Starbuzz Bold Mighty Freeze. The flavor is loaded with the tartness of lemon along with chilly spearmint. 
  5. Starbuzz Bold Pineapple Freeze. Another addition to the freezing Bold shisha flavor series is this flavor which brings out the exact taste of pineapple with a strong punch of icy mint. You don’t need anything else to spice up your hookah session when you pack your bowl with Starbuzz Bold Pineapple Freeze.
  6. Starbuzz Bold Green Savior. The flavor is nothing like the traditional flavors you generally smoke. It is different from the sugary hookah flavors that often give out fruity notes. Now, enjoy a medley of enticing seasonings with a sensuous floral note with Starbuzz Bold Green Savior.   
  7. Starbuzz Bold Tropicool. It brings you the delicious fruity flavors, especially the pineapple and feels refreshing as you exhale, but there is not mint taste in it. The flavor is richer than many other Starbuzz tobacco flavors. 
  8. Starbuzz Bold White Bear. Get back to your childhood when you relished eating gummy bears with this luscious pineapple blend. Don’t get surprised if you find yourself in a tropical destination with a lot of pineapples around. 
  9. Starbuzz Bold Geisha. It is time for a smooth, silky Shisha flavor which is a mix of sweet berries with certain tones of pineapple and a slight touch of misty mint.  
  10. Starbuzz Bold Queen of Sex. It is a delightful citrus flavor mixed with a touch of mint. 

There are numerous more flavors in this series – they are bolder and more robust. They come in black tin containers. Starbuzz Bold Tobacco is available in 50, 100, and 250-grams’ packs. If you intend to get stock for several sessions, order a 1-kilogram tub. One 250-grams package of Starbuzz Bold Shisha can last for 15 to 20 sessions depending on how you pack your bowl. Those who are tired of the old Shisha flavors, make a point to try these exotic, bold Shisha flavors right away! 

starbuzz bold shisha tobacco

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