Starbuzz Bold Spiced Chai Hookah Tobacco Overview

Take a break from your regular shishas and spice up your hookah session with something amazing only with Starbuzz Spiced Chai Hookah Tobacco. The magnificent shisha blend would tantalize your taste buds and excite you with a punch of robustness. Unsurprisingly, Starbuzz Spiced Chai has successfully made its way to the world’s most favorite and popular hookah tobacco flavors in the last few years. If you are a chai or tea lover, this shisha will thrill and satiate your tea cravings in a new fashion. 

Starbuzz Spiced Chai Hookah Tobacco: Introduction

The tobacco comes in a new black can which is handy to store your leftover shisha after use. Wait until you pack some into your bowl, its hidden flavors emerge out as you warm up through your session. Until then, you may think it is some freshly baked cookie out of the oven or a dessert. Despite all that, Starbuzz Spiced Chai Hookah Tobacco is going to win you right away with its amazing flavors. 

Starbuzz Spiced Chai Hookah Tobacco: Aroma and Flavors

Once you open the pack, you would be hit by a pleasant, savory dessert aroma that would only tempt you to set up your hookah quickly. One might think it is a cookie but in reality, it is a creamy spiced tea flavor. It is a synthesis of tea flavors with some earthy spices along with a lush creaminess which only hits you as the shisha starts getting warmed up.

Any tea lover would instantly recognize the scent while some may even assume it to be a coffee variant, but it is a simple creamy, spicy tea. Furthermore, the golden/blonde Virginian Tobacco leaves load the shisha with touches that make it even more desirable and relishing. 

Pack the bowl and start smoking it. A subtle sweetness welcomes you as you take pull. It may smell similar to a cookie dough packed with peanut butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and more. But none of these are present in the actual Starbuzz Spiced Chai recipe except Cinnamon. It is due to the presence of earthy spices like Star Anise, Cardamom, Vanilla, Nutmeg, Cinnamon that make it so misleading. However, it is the tea that dominates the blended flavor. the creaminess of vanilla adds a soothing element to the shisha. It’s fascinating, sweet, spicy, creamy, tea that will re-energize you any hour of the day.

Starbuzz Spiced Chai Hookah Tobacco: Buzz and Longevity

The moist texture of Starbuzz Spiced Chai allows you to savor your smoke session for a long duration. It is ideal to use a phunnel hookah bowl to pack the shisha. You can pack it dense or heavy; the way you like it. However, avoid stuffing it too tight, or else all the juice will accumulate at the bottom of the bowl. Pack it light-handedly so there is an adequate amount of aeration for a soothing smoke session. Also, it facilitates optimum smoke output. 

Spiced Chai is prepared with blonde tobacco leaves, and hence it is moderate on the buzz factor. Nevertheless, you can make it robust but packing it a little dense. When it comes to the smoke produced, Starbuzz is the ultimate name. If you have already smoked Starbuzz, then you must be aware of it.

It is the rich flavor blend of the Spiced Chai Hookah Tobacco that makes it so popular.

Starbuzz Spiced Chai Hookah Tobacco: User Experience

Smoking this shisha will provide you the pleasure that you generally have while sipping a cup of hot masala tea. The session will commence on a light, creamy note that leads to lush chai flavor. As the shisha gets properly heated, each puff gets stacked with a chest of those amazing flavors. it remains smooth and flavor-laden until the end of the session. 

Hookah smokers find the shisha blend extremely refreshing with a unique taste profile. It is a balanced burst of sweet creaminess and substantial spices and chai tinges. If you are a fan of mixing different shishas, then you may try combining shisha that has a tartness or contrasting profile.

Starbuzz Spiced Chai Hookah Tobacco: Availability

We have this hookah tobacco in packs of 100 grams, 250 grams, and 0ne kilo. Check out our Starbuzz store for exclusive offers. If you are testing it, a 100 grams’ pack is perfect for you then you can always order in bulk.

We are having bundle offers if you are looking forward to buying multiple shishas. Shop for $125 or more to enjoy free shipping across the country. Until then, pack your bowl and enjoy a hot spicy bowl of Chai with Starbuzz!

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