Starbuzz Coco Jumbo Hookah Tobacco: Lime with Creaminess

It is very tricky to make a coconut shisha enticing and impress the crowd, but Starbuzz Coco Jumbo from its Exotic series has left every other coco-shisha far behind. The manufacturer is already established for its amazing tobacco collections, and its Exotic line is all about unearthly flavor fusions. Initially, Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo Hookah Tobacco may not sound appealing to you, especially if you are not a big fan of coconut flavored shishas. However, if you are willing to try out new flavors then Starbuzz Coco Jumbo deserves to be in your repertoire.  Here, is a quick overview of Starbuzz Coco Jumbo Hookah Tobacco for you.

  • Smell and Flavors.

 The moment you open the can, you get a burst of lime scent along with mildly sweet coconut milk taste which feels so refreshing. Please wait until you start smoking it. As you continue smoking Coco Jumbo, you will get a punch of lime flavors on your face followed up by a creamy coconut milk-like taste. It is not the typical coconut flavor that you generally experience in other coconut shishas. Instead, it got a creamy coconut milk flavor with a mild sweetness in it. The fusion may not sound tempting, but it tastes incredible. There is a perfect balance between the coconut and lime – you are going to love it for sure. The smell of the tobacco matches the flavors impeccably.

  • Duration. 

Starbuzz Coco Jumbo Hookah Tobacco features a nicely chopped tobacco with a right amount of juice or molasses that will sustain for long smoke sessions.

  • Robustness. 

Starbuzz Exotic line offers you more flavors with a light smoothing buzz. The tobacco is made using golden tobacco leaves which have low nicotine content.  If you want to add in more robustness to your session, try packing your hookah bowl heavy with Starbuzz Coco Jumbo.

  • Cloud Outcome.

The manufacturer has a matchless reputation for its monstrous cloud output. You will be blowing some thick puffy smoke clouds with this tobacco – one cannot go wrong with it. Regular smokers recommend you use coconut shell coal to light up your hookah. They last long and give out clean smoke without the awful taste of burnt coal ashes. If you are okay with less smoke output, you can use two pieces of coconut shell coals and pack your bowl light. If you want more buzz and clouds, go for a densely packed bowl and three cubes of coconut shell coals.

Whether it is scorching summer or chilling winter, you can smoke this refreshing shisha any time of the year. Starbuzz Coco Jumbo is remarkable as standalone tobacco and tastes great when mixed with other flavors like mint. All the flavors pop up beautifully. You can also mix it with different tobaccos like mint or any other flavor of your choice. For testing purposes, we suggest you order either 100g or 250g packs. You can always order the 1 Kg tub once you like it. Believe it or not, people eventually fall in love with this magnificent lime-coconut blend.

Hurry up, upgrade your collection. Order Starbuzz Coco Jumbo now!

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