Starbuzz Delhi Tea Vintage Shisha: An Earthy Flavor Worth-Trying

Starbuzz Tobacco works hard to bring you exceptional hookah flavors that will remind you of flavors from different corners of the world. Our Starbuzz Vintage Line of Hookah tobacco is the result of our two years of hard work and research. Starbuzz Tobacco presents you with a rich and memorable smoking experience. 

The maker has aimed to create some exotic blends in our Starbuzz Vintage Series of Tobacco that will combine some traditional flavors with some modern twists. There are numerous mixes in the series, among which Delhi Tea is a name that has created a stir in no time. It won’t be wrong to admit that Starbuzz Delhi Tea is one Starbuzz Shisha that has impressed many hookah smokers and received the heartiest welcome.

Making of Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea Hookah Tobacco

Vintage shisha is all about a secret recipe that involves a variety of herbs and fruits. In Delhi Tea, one can experience an exotic, earthy blend prepared with unwashed dark leaves of tobacco. If you are looking for a good buzz, Delhi Tea is your tobacco. Be guaranteed to enjoy a higher yet well-balanced delivery robustness of tobacco along with the richness of flavors.

The maker takes pride in preparing this exclusive line of fine hookah tobacco without using any synthetic dye, colorant, or flavoring. Not only Delhi Tea but other flavors of Starbuzz Vintage series feature zesty spices, the gracefulness of delicious fruits with a punch of tobacco. 

Flavors You Can Experience in Vintage Delhi Tea Hookah Tobacco

Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea is an amalgamation of tastes that will bring the characters of a nice cup of spiced tea but with a definite punch of tobacco. If you are someone who likes tea, this is your flavor. Apart from the tea flavor, there is a strong hint of some mysterious spices that you cannot ignore. 

You will enjoy the traces of cardamom and star anise in the Delhi Tea Vintage Shisha that will make you relax with every pull. There is a broad range of flavors and seasonings that can lure any picky hookah enthusiasts. 

How Long Can You Enjoy It?

The main characteristic of Starbuzz tobaccos is the lusciousness of tobacco, which will keep your sessions long and delicious. Be ready to blow some flavorsome clouds throughout your long smoke sessions. Depending on how dense you pack your hookah bowl, you will be enjoying the flavorings. The tastes and the buzz will get stronger as you pack the hookah bowl dense. It can get a bit harsh for any new hookah smoker. Hence, if you are starting, go for a fluffy and lightly packed bowl.

You can get this beautiful, juicy Vintage Shisha in a 200 grams’ pack that comes in a resealable package. It is handy and convenient for storing the leftovers after packing your hookah bowls. Moreover, a 200-gram package can give you several sessions depending on how you stuff your bowl. Finally, if you are tired of the fruity and floral shishas, Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea is your go-to flavor!

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