Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo Overview

Coco Jumbo has been one of our most popular shisha flavors in the Exotic collection. Discover the freshest and creamiest blend of coconut and lime that has delighted every shisha connoisseur.

Availability of Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo

Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo is available in three sizes: 100 g, 250 g, and 1000 g or 1 Kg. You may opt for one of the two smaller cans to test it out, and then you will naturally want the large tub.

Flavor Profile of Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo

Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo has two distinct flavors, which is why it is referred to as a blend. These two primary ingredients are coconut and lime. The reason why we consider both as primary ingredients is because of how they work. The two flavors are exuded in tandem. In blended shisha flavors, it is not uncommon for one ingredient to have a more dominating effect. In our Coco Jumbo, both the lime and the coconut coexist and complement to give you a singular flavor profile.

Coco Jumbo is one of the most aromatic flavors in the Starbuzz Exotic range. Opening the can or the tub will instantly expose you to a blast of fresh lime. In the context of aroma, the lime does take precedence and the smell of coconut is slightly subdued. However, this is not the case when you smoke the flavor. The fragrance of the smoke is a blend of fresh lime and fleshy coconut, so are the taste and texture.

Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo has a pleasant kick the very first time you smoke it. Since experiences are subjective, you may feel the dash of lime first and then the creamy coconut or you may feel both simultaneously. Like all our shisha tobaccos, the Coco Jumbo flavor does not subside as your session progresses. The rich flavor and texture remain constant until the very last puff out of your hookah.

User Experience of Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo

Clouds of smoke from Starbuzz flavors are always voluminous. Loaded with the Coco Jumbo flavor, you will experience a sense of coolness. The coconut used is not hard or raw. It is actually milky and sweet. This combo makes its way into the flavor too. The moderate sweetness and the milky or creamy texture in the smoke come from the coconut. The coolness and citrusy kick are obviously the fresh lime.  

Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo is not a fruity flavor. It is not excessively sweet, or tart. The blonde leaf tobacco used keeps the flavor light, so beginners too can assuredly try the Coco Jumbo. The tobacco is juicy. Starbuzz recommends using the tobacco with the juices. Drying the tobacco by dabbing a paper or using any other material to absorb some of the juice and moisture is not recommended. Coco Jumbo comes in medium sized chunks in all the three packs. The medium size along with the flavor profile makes it ideal for mixing with our other tobaccos.

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