Starbuzz Exotic Passion Fruit Overview

Passion Fruit is one of the many tobacco flavors in the Exotic range of Starbuzz. It is a single flavor tobacco with the tropical fruit as its primary and major ingredient. As is the case with several of the other flavors in the Exotic range, Passion Fruit from Starbuzz is a bold tobacco with a distinct aroma and taste.

First Impression of Exotic Passion Fruit from Starbuzz

The flavored tobacco is orange, slightly moist, with sizeable lumps and a pleasant aroma. The fragrance would not knock you off your feet, which is actually a good thing. Some flavors tend to be so aromatic that they take over our olfactory system. There are three available sizes. Individual users can get started with the 100g can. 250g is for groups. 1000g is for connoisseurs, or commercial use. The cost is pretty much as per the standard pricing for these kinds of flavors, particularly for the Exotic range of Starbuzz.

Taste and Flavor of Starbuzz Exotic Passion Fruit Tobacco

The taste is of passion fruit. There is no other taste or flavor profile. The distinct tartness of passion fruit is there. There is a tinge of sweetness. The flavor is bold but does not have any uncomfortable hit. It is not too heavy on the palate. The smoke is comfortable through inhale and exhale. Beginners would feel a nice buzz after a few puffs. More seasoned shisha consumers would need several puffs to get that same level of buzz. There is no lingering aftereffect.

The taste and flavor do not have any heightened sense of heat or chill. This is not a menthol flavor. Tropical fruits or their flavors tend to feel a little cooler because of their sweetness, but that is not the case with this tobacco. There is a degree of boldness, albeit not to an extent of the standalone dark leaf tobacco. Exotic Passion Fruit from Starbuzz is the kind of tobacco that can be used with various other flavors. So, users can experiment with their special concoctions or play safe with a primary profile.

Quality of Smoke with Exotic Passion Fruit of Starbuzz

Starbuzz is known for its dense and flavorful smokes, irrespective of the flavor. This remains unaltered with the Passion Fruit. The entire Exotic range has attained its popularity for the generous smokes with a rich texture. Given the quantity and quality of the smoke, users need not put in much effort to draw a sufficient cloud. Smoking this tobacco is a rather effortless experience.

Starbuzz Exotic Passion Fruit is a densely packed tobacco flavor. You do not have to use a lot of it for a single session. If you are alone and are planning for a half an hour or so of smoking, do not overstuff the bowl and certainly avoid using too many charcoals. This tobacco does not need excessive heat to produce sufficient clouds of smoke. You can pair this flavor with tropical fruits, menthols, and other blends.

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