Starbuzz Lemon Mint Overview

Starbuzz Lemon Mint is one of the earliest shisha tobaccos in the Exotic range. It is also among the first batches of flavors made by Starbuzz. Lemon Mint has been around for more than thirteen years now. Clearly, it has stood the test of time and continues to be a favorite of many.

Availability of Starbuzz Lemon Mint

Starbuzz Lemon Mint is available in three sizes: 100 g, 250 g, and 1000 g or 1 Kg. Unlike some of the other flavors that are not always readily in stock in all the three sizes, Lemon Mint is available and you can choose a preferred tin or tub.

Flavor Profile of Lemon Mint from Starbuzz

Starbuzz Lemon Mint is evidently a blend of lemon and mint. However, it is neither too lemony nor excessively minty. It is a fine balance. At first sight, Lemon Mint is a green and juicy shisha tobacco. Out of the tin or tub, you will find the dark green and moist tobacco with a simple and fresh smell of mint. The citrusy odor is hard to miss. There is no overpowering fragrance though.

There are two flavor profiles in Lemon Mint. You may classify them as primary and secondary. The cool minty taste is dominant during inhale and the citrusy or lemony texture is more pronounced when you exhale. This does not imply there is a sequential transformation in the flavor profile. The lemon and mint coexist to deliver a finely blended taste, texture, and fragrance. The only difference is in how pronounced both flavors are at distinct stages of your inhaling and exhaling.

The tobacco is finely cut. As anyone who is familiar with Starbuzz would expect, the quality of tobacco used is simply the best. The cuts, lack of stems, and an abundance of leaves loaded with sufficient juices make Lemon Mint a high quality shisha tobacco flavor.

User Experience of Starbuzz Lemon Mint

Starbuzz Lemon Mint delivers on all counts that the brand is known for. You get voluminous smoke. The flavor is not overwhelming in its buzz or kick. There is a sustained smoothness. The hit is moderate. Both the lemon and mint tastes linger for a while but do not ruin your palate. This blend is slightly on the lighter end of the spectrum, which is true for many Exotic flavors from Starbuzz when compared with the tobaccos in the range of Bold.

Starbuzz Lemon Mint is a delicate shisha tobacco. It is considerably heat sensitive. You should not use too many pieces of charcoals. You may have to begin a session with three or four small pieces, but rotate them and remove one or two if the smoke feels too warm. The tobacco can get burnt easily if you have three to four charcoals continuously on the foil or in a heat management device.  

Given its citrusy and minty taste, both being on the lighter side, you can consider blending it with a bolder flavor, which could be a dark leaf tobacco based variant.

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