Starbuzz Quad Cut and Tri Cut Coconut Charcoals: Best HMD Charcoals

Finally, we got great news for all hookah buffs. Hookah smoking has been a time-honored cultural tradition that has evolved to become a global passion today. With technological advancements, we discovered the best method to extend the duration of hookah sessions through HMD. So long, we have struggled badly trying to place two coal cubes in a device. Depending on the device, sometimes it fits, sometimes not. Until now, there was no customized charcoal for Heat Management Devices. However, Hookah Charcoals are available in so many shapes and sizes like cubes, flats, hexagons, and more. Hence, it has been a tough battle getting an adequate amount of heat during the smoke session.

Starbuzz has recently launched two coconut charcoals Starbuzz Quad Cut and Starbuzz Tri Cut Coconut Charcoals that are specially designed to fit into your Heat Management Devices. Fortunately, those days are gone thanks to Starbuzz Quad Cut and Starbuzz Tri Cut Coconut Charcoals. Today, we will delve into these charcoals to see how they benefit the avid hookah aficionados. 

Starbuzz Quad Cut Coconut Charcoals

They are small triangular charcoal pieces. When four of them come together, they form a big round charcoal piece. In other words, circular charcoal when cut through the middle into four pieces forms Starbuzz Quad Cut Coconut Charcoals. Ideally, you should go for two to three of those charcoals for optimum heat. Using four Starbuzz Quad Cut Charcoals will produce excessive heat and may churn the shisha.

Starbuzz Tri Cut Coconut Charcoals

Many want bigger charcoal pieces, then Starbuzz Tri Cut Coconut Charcoals are perfect for you. when the round charcoal is cut in a “Y” to create three triangular charcoal pieces. Two of these would give you more heat than three of the Starbuzz Quad Cut Charcoals could provide. If you are not willing to add three Quad Cut Charcoals but want more controlled heat, then go for Tri Cut.

You can comfortably add in or remove one or more heated coals to further regulate the heat supply to your shisha. 


Both the charcoal variants come in a single quantity option. A box of Starbuzz Quad Cut Coconut Charcoals contains 112 pieces for only $15.99. However, one box of Starbuzz Tri Cut Coconut Charcoal has 72 pieces and costs only $15.99. 

They are 100% organic and produce only 3% of ash content. They don’t add any bad odor to the shisha and offer you clean smoke. Also, there would be less mess to clear after enjoying your smoke session. These Starbuzz hookah charcoals are customized in a way so they can be easily placed in the majority of the HMDs. The manufacturer prepared these coals using the shells of coconut.

Apart from Quad Cut and Tri Cut Hookah Charcoals, Starbuzz also got flats and cubes. Make sure you check their entire charcoal line on The best thing is that Starbuzz is offering free shipping across the U.S on orders worth $125 or more. 

Go quickly, enjoy your sessions with Starbuzz!

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