Starbuzz Serpent Rouge Hookah Tobacco: It’s Different

Those who love Starbuzz’s Vintage line of hookah tobaccos will find its fourth tobacco collection fun as well. Starbuzz Vintage is a tobacco collection prepared from unwashed dark leaf tobacco leaves. It features deep notes of tobacco, rich flavors, and a balanced buzz. The Serpent is Starbuzz’s latest line that was launched in 2017 after two years of research and development. The Serpent is all about traditional flavors and experience. This line is prepared from kettle cured dark tobacco leaves and uses exclusive flavor profiles of creams, seasonings, fruits, and mint. 

It is an ideal choice for the middle to extreme smokers. There is only one confusing thing about the series. The names of the Serpent flavors are confusing and give no idea of the characters it has within. Today, we are going to talk about Rouge flavor and what this Serpent Shisha got to offer you. 

How Does Starbuzz Serpent Rouge Hookah Tobacco Taste?

This Starbuzz line features a unique range of blends that is smooth and savory. In Starbuzz Serpent Rouge, you will enjoy such amalgamation. Each draw of this shisha will explore the flavors of honeydew with a refreshing cooling minty effect.

How Robust Is Starbuzz Serpent Rouge?

Dark leaf tobacco is proven to be more robust than the blonde leaf tobacco. These leaves receive more sunshine, which makes the leaves darker. However, the Serpent line is not as vigorous as the Vintage line. Well, it got the perfect amount of nicotine in every draw for a good buzz. If you are a big fan of buzz, pack your bowl dense but for a medley of amazing flavors, pack your bowl semi-dense.

How Long Will A Bowl of Starbuzz Serpent Rouge Stay?

It is not loaded with juice like the other Starbuzz line of tobacco. Serpent Rouge falls somewhere in the middle in this context. Despite that, it gives you an extended flavorsome smoke session to enjoy.

How Dense Its Smoke Output Is?

Blow some dense smoke clouds with a bowl of Starbuzz Serpent Rouge Shisha. The best part of the shisha is that it can go with any hookah bowl. Go for a sprinkling method and ack your bowl semi-dense, but ensure it got the right amount of airflow in it. Use a pin to ensure that. This will offer you a pleasant and delicious session with some tasty smoke clouds.

Unlike the other series, Starbuzz Serpent comes in a resealable pouch with some great artwork on it. You can always save the rest of the shisha after your smoke session. A pouch of 200 grams of Serpent Rouge tobacco will keep you and your friends entertained for several sessions. If you are going for a semi-dense packing style, then it can easily last for 10 to 15 sessions, depending on the size of your bowl. Get ready to volume up on the flavors and buzz with some Starbuzz Serpent Rouge. Get your bowl ready, lit up two to three coco coals, and get started!

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