Starbuzz Vintage Dark Caribbean is a Delightfully Rich Tropical Shisha

Dark Caribbean is one of the nearly two dozen Vintage shisha flavors in the inventory of Starbuzz. It is a tropical flavor containing pineapple, coconut, citrus, and all three blended with dark leaf tobacco. Given the nature of dark leaf tobacco, this shisha flavor is slightly higher on the nicotine content when compared to other blends. That doesn’t mean this flavor is overbearing, or the smoke is too dense for comfort. Dark Caribbean is a refreshing tropical flavor, which is neither excessively tangy nor too sweet.

Dark Caribbean is not Pirate’s Cave

Starbuzz Vintage has many unique flavors. Some of them can be considered to be spiritual successors or legatees of erstwhile successful blends. Pirate’s Cave was a very popular shisha flavor, and it was made by none other than Starbuzz. Whether you take the flavor profile into account or even the ingredients, Dark Caribbean is not Pirate’s Cave.

Dark Caribbean is Dense but Refreshing

Dark leaf tobacco is always denser than other variants, primarily due to the higher nicotine content. However, this shisha flavor is not as heavy as you may presume. The smoke is actually quite light for the flavor profile. This makes the tropical ingredients shine, and you would feel refreshed. There is no lime in this flavor, but the citrus does come in with a tinge of mint. The minty flavor is not what you would taste essentially. The primary flavor seems to be that of the pineapple. You would also experience a marked presence of coconut. The citrus in a way plays a balancing role between pineapple and coconut. The dark leaf tobacco teleports you to the Caribbean.

A Session of Vintage Dark Caribbean from Starbuzz

The shisha is almost black, a very deep brown. It is also moist. The moisture is useful as otherwise the dense flavor would become unpleasantly dry. You may have to clean your hands after you load the bowl. Do not overstuff the bowl, unless you have company and are planning for a long session. The tobacco is dense and rich enough, so a light packing should last half an hour. Also, do not go for three or four pieces of charcoal straightaway. That may prematurely burn the tobacco. The moisture may counter the heat initially but you would get a slightly burnt and smoky feel. On the contrary, if you use only one piece of charcoal, then there may not be sufficient heat. For an optimum experience, use two pieces if you are alone. For a group, you can pack a lot of this shisha in the bowl, and extract generously large clouds.

Dark Caribbean does not have an immense punch, or kick. Its medium strength and pleasant flavor make the shisha suitable for beginners as well. Dark leaf is celebrated more by connoisseurs, but the sweetness of pineapple in this flavor can be equally enjoyed by those who prefer milder and mostly fruity shishas. Dark Caribbean is also a fitting candidate for experimentation with other flavors, not necessarily limited to the tropical variants.

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