Starbuzz Vintage Dark Mist, It’s Time to Get Bold!

Starbuzz Tobacco is a renowned Hookah product manufacturer who has wooed the avid hookah smokers with their exclusive collection of hookah tobaccos. One of Starbuzz Tobacco’s best-selling flavors from its exotic line of Shisha is named Blue Mist. It is a fantastic blend featuring sweet, savory blueberries with a refreshing minty aftertaste. The tobacco has earned Starbuzz massive popularity and love. After its huge success, the brand decided to extend the mist line further and launched Dark Mist. It is a darker version of Blue Mist, which is a part of Starbuzz’s Vintage series. Those who love robust Shisha with a good buzz will enjoy smoking a bowl packed with Starbuzz Dark Mist Hookah flavor. 

Today, we are going to breakdown this fantastic hookah tobacco for you. So, let us get started now.

How Does Dark Mist Flavor Taste?

Dark Mist tobacco is much like Blue Mist but with some enjoyable tweaks. Like Blue Mist, it gives out the tastes of berries with a subtle, cooling effect, which is very refreshing. Don’t think the cooling effect is due to spearmint or mint. There is no flavor of mint present in it. Blue Mist is all about Blueberries, whereas Dark Mist tastes Blackberry, a bit of blue Raspberry and titbit of Blueberry. 

How Robust Is Dark Mist? 

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Mist is prepared from dark tobacco leaves, which is famous for giving out a strong buzz. These dark leaves receive more sun as compared to the others and hence become darker in the shade. Tobacco made from such black or dark tobacco leaves are robust and offer a strong buzz. If you are someone new to hookah, it is better to avoid such dark leaf tobacco for time-being.

How Is Dark Mist’s Smoke Output?

No one can ever complain such things about any of the Starbuzz flavors. All Starbuzz tobaccos, including Dark Mist Vintage Shisha, are committed to giving humongous smoke clouds. A little trick here is that if you pack your hookah bowl heavy, your clouds will be thicker. Fluffier you pack your bowl, light your clouds will be.

How Long Can You Enjoy A Bowl of Dark Mist?

The maker has sure that the tobacco contains the right amount of juice to sustain long smoke sessions. Dark Mist has enough molasses to keep the hookah juicy and flavorsome for long, but it is never too runny to block the bowl pores. We can offer you another suggestion here that you may find helpful. If you are planning for long smoke sessions, go for the natural coco coals made from coconut shells – they heat your bowl longer and never add any bad taste to your hookah. 

Lastly, it comes in multiple packs, but it would be a good idea to buy the 200-gram pack if you want it in bulk. The kit comes in a resealable container so you can always seal and save the rest after use. It is super-handy and enjoyable. Try it; you will love it.

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