Starbuzz White Mint Overview

Starbuzz had originally rolled out White Mint in its Exotic range. It is now branded in the Bold collection. The classification or reclassification is appropriate given the intensity of the flavor of White Mint. Starbuzz has several mint and minty flavors. These include Black Mint, Grapefruit Mint, Mint Colossus, Peach Mint, Simply Mint, and a few others that have a dominant minty flavor. White Mint is a league apart from all these flavors.

Introduction to White Mint from Starbuzz

Starbuzz has its Bold White Mint shisha tobacco available in three sizes: 100g, 250g, and 1000g or 1kg. Prices vary depending on markdowns and other offers, so you should check the latest for every size. The tobacco itself is sweet mint that offers a chillingly refreshing effect. As the range suggests, this flavor is indeed bold.

Flavor Profile of Starbuzz Bold White Mint

Formerly Exotic, now Bold White Mint from Starbuzz is one of the strongest flavors in its class. Almost all mint flavors have a coolness quotient. They have a chilling or cooling effect as you inhale or exhale. This White Mint is no different in that regard. Where it does turn out to be completely distinct is in its intensity. It is quite possible that you have never tried anything that is as intense in the mint genre for shisha flavors or hookah tobaccos.

Staying true to the Starbuzz code of using choicest ingredients, White Mint uses fresh mint and spikes it up with citrusy components. There is no artificial menthol like smell or flavor. The texture is absolutely natural. The smell is pleasant but also strong. Most mint flavors have strong aromas, but this one is a bolder one than others. The fragrance and flavor collectively offer a singularly intense smoking experience.

User Experience of White Mint from Starbuzz

Starbuzz Bold White Mint offers three noteworthy user experiences. The first is intense mint, voluminous smoke and a sustained session. You would feel the dense and tasteful smoke even when you have very little of the tobacco left in the bowl. This happens with many Starbuzz flavors, yet it is noteworthy given how strong White Mint remains right from the start to finish.

The second aspect of user experience is the sweetness. For something that is so minty and cooling, it is easy for the tobacco to fall short on the sweetness aspect. This is probably where the fresh materials used by Starbuzz makes the key difference. Despite being cool and strong, flavorful and heavy, the White Mint is sweet. Even better, the sweetness lingers on while you do not feel any harsh aftertaste due to the intense minty texture.

The third element of user experience is not a given. It is the sheer possibility of mixing the White Mint with other flavors. Users should try rare flavors with the White Mint, preferably ones that are not too sweet and certainly not citrusy or minty at all. Single flavors may be mixed but not the typical fruits.

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