Statistics for How Text Messaging Has Evolved

Statistics for How Text Messaging Has Evolved

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  1. Zach Saved by the Bell Cell PhoneUndoubtedly, the use of the cell phone has transformed from a brick-like piece of radiation, to a small, sleek touch screen that is as powerful as some computers. But does this mean that our means of communicating is also different now? You bet it does.

    In the new millenium, communication has gotten less personal, yet more convenient. The shift to text messaging has no doubt put us in contact with more people within a shorter amount of time, but does this quantity outweigh the quality of our interactions?

    How Many People Text in the US?

    Total Texters in the United States

    Total texters in the unted states has risen to over 100 million people. This means that one third of our total population are active texters. When taking into consideration the 14.3% of the popuation that is impoverished, and 12.5% of the population over 65 (and less likely to text), that means that a significant number of the able-bodied population is active texters.

    Do We Text Too Much?

    Texts per year

    Our texting has grown exponentially as the young and the old alike are adopting these texting habits as a means of communication.

    We have jumped from 1.5 trillion texts per year in 2009 to an estimated 7 trillion texts per year in 2010.

    Statistics show that although more people are on cell phone plans, the number of calls per month people make still averages 205 from the year 2007 to 2010, whereas the number of texts the average person composes has grown from about 5 to well over 100 texts per day for some people.

    These high numbers are largely in part to the female teenage population that send mass texts and usetexting as the main form of communication with peers.

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