Stepwise Guide for Khalil Maamoon Hookah Setup

Setting up a Khalil Maamoon hookah is easier than you may think. This could be your first hookah, ever, and you may have no familiarity with any of the components. Yet, you can conveniently set up the whole device without a sweat. Follow these simple steps and you can begin smoking in a few minutes.

Step One | Unbox the Hookah

Unbox the Khalil Maamoon hookah, and check if all the components are present. If any piece is missing, then you must immediately contact the seller and report the issue. You must have read the information pertaining to what is inside the box prior to your purchase, or while placing the order. Use that checklist to see if everything is available. Khalil Maamoon hookah comes in an unassembled form, which is to say that every piece would be a standalone component. Lay all these parts on a table.

Step Two | Clean the Hookah Components

Before you begin setting up your Khalil Maamoon hookah, you have to clean all the parts, excluding those that are not washable. While the glass base, the bowl, the charcoal tray, and the stem or shaft would be washable, the hose may or may not be, depending on the model you have purchased. Check the information on the label or the manual. Confirm it with the seller if you are unsure.

You can use the two cleaning brushes for the different parts. The bowl and tray can be easily cleaned with a piece of cloth. You must use the thinner or leaner cleaning brush for the stem or shaft, and the hose. Use the thicker or larger brush for the base. The larger brush is usually bendable. You can bend it a little to clean the interiors, particularly the sides, of the glass base. Clean all the parts properly, and let them air dry.

Step Three | Set up the Hookah

Take the glass base and fill it up with some clean water. There may be a mark on the base indicating the level to which you must fill. If there is no mark, then insert the stem into the base and check the level where the bottom ends. You must fill the base with water, up to a level where it covers at least an inch, or an inch and a half of the down stem. If the water level is lower than that, then you will have airy smoke. If you fill up the base wherein the stem is more than two inches into the water, then you would not get much smoke.

After you fill up the base with water, take the base grommet and place it at the rim, and then insert the stem. The stem should be firmly and evenly fitted into the base. Now take the hose grommet and insert it into the hose connection. Then connect the hose. This should also be firmly and evenly fitted. Take the charcoal tray and slide it at the top, down the stem to its neck. Take the bowl grommet and fix it atop the head. Install the bowl on the head. It should be firmly and evenly fitted using the grommet. Your Khalil Maamoon hookah is ready.

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