1. Stop Animal Cruelty Today

    Cruelty, neglect, and abuse from people affect countless innocent and beautiful animals each and every day. If we get involved and work together, can be stopped. Animals feel suffering, sadness, and pain just like we as people do. Together we can help end their pain. With the following tips, we can stop animals from suffering cruelty and abuse from human beings.

    Stop Animal Cruelty Tips:

    Discuss this problem with others and spread the message along.

    Education and knowledge teaches people about this problem. It can help them recognize it when they see it. Don’t be afraid to tell the right authorities if you see animal cruelty. After all, if you were being hurt and someone saw it happen, wouldn’t you want their help? Doing nothing is neglect and cruelty in its own way too. Animals are not born with the ability to speak, so we have to speak for them. They can’t ask for help, and they depend on us to ask for them.

    Get involved with animal organizations.

    Find a group that works to protect animals. You can even start one yourself in your neighborhood. This will let people know that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in your community. There are many organizations and shelters that volunteer their time to protect and help animals in need.

    Donate to the animal group of your choice.

    You can donate many different ways. You can donate time, food, or money. You can even help collect kennels, bedding, etc from others.The look in the eyes of the animal will make it well worth it. You will make a difference in the lives of many animals. You can even help save the lives of some of them.

    You can have a community sale to raise money for local animal shelters.

    These sales can not only raise needed funds, but can teach children and others about this epidemic problem. You can help teach others what is the right and wrong way to treat animals. The more awareness there is, the more chances there are to stop this treatment.

    There are many different forms of animal cruelty today.

    Cruelty can be neglect, such as no water, food, or proper shelter. Animals that are hit, beaten, tortured, etc. is one of the worst forms of animal cruelty. Animals that are used for fighting as entertainment is another form of animal cruelty. Puppy mills that breed animals just for profits is terrible form of cruelty also. These animals are left to live in unsanitary cages their whole life with little or no human contact. Just think, would you like to be cooped up in a cage in your own feces and urine and no human contact your entire life? Many animals wind up sick and diseased. They suffer terribly because of their life of cruelty, abuse, and neglect. You would never leave a person in this shape, so why not help animals that can’t help themselves?

    Animals need humans to survive. What they give in return is immeasurable. They are not just our companions. They become our best friend and a part of the family. They will love you unconditionally, even the ones that have been hurt before. Animals that have suffered animal cruelty deserve a second chance. In return they forgive and love you even more. They show their gratitude everyday when they look at you with their beautiful eyes. So, please help stop animal cruelty. Together we can bring the shining light back into their loving eyes.

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