1. Sugaring, though not as popular as waxing, provides the client with a smooth, hair free area of choice!  Below you will find some information to provide more detail on sugaring and pricing structure involved.  Please be aware the pricing will vary based on where you have the procedure performed. 


    Sugaring hair removal is not a new procedure.  It is actually an old hair removal process that involves removing hair from the root by using ingredients to include sugar, water, lemon juice and other natural ingredients.  The procedure itself is not totally pain free and this could be because the process is very similar to regular waxing so what makes sugaring, different, the ingredients and some parts of the procedure.   Sugaring is actually a middle-eastern practice, not an American practice however the results are the same, hair removal.  If used often enough, sugaring can eventually result in damaged follicles and the prevention of further hair growth.  This is because if you perform this procedure enough times, the follicles become damaged are no longer able to get the blood supply needed to heal the follicle itself.  This results in the loss of the ability for the follicle to regenerate hair growth.  For some, this is a great advantage.  For others who are just looking for the occasional hair removal, do not use this procedure to many times or too frequently. 


    There are actually two types of “sugaring”.  One is a paste removal and the other, a gel removal.  With the paste, it is applied to the hair in the opposite direction the actual hair growth and then in the same direction of the hair growth.   The paste is then plucked off in the direction of the actual hair growth.  It has been said by some the pain is minimal and said by others that the pain is no less than they have experienced with waxing.  The other type of sugaring is performed using a gel.  The gel procedure is most similar to waxing because the gel is applied in the direction of the hair growth and removed in the opposite direction.  Ouch!  But, if you are looking for a long-term hair removal process, sugaring may be right for you. 


    If you prefer to perform the technique yourself, you can purchase a home sugaring kit for approximately $10-$40 however you can create your own sugaring mixture of all natural products for mere dollars.  Sugaring is more expensive than waxing because it is difficult to find places that actually perform this procedure.  If you prefer to go to the salon to have the procedure performed, please take a look below at some general pricing:

    ·         Eyebrows – $10-$50.

    ·         Above the lip: $10-$25

    ·         Sides of the face (including side burns) – $10-$25.

    ·         Chin – $10-$25.

    ·         Underarm – $15-$40.

    ·         Chest – $35-$120.

    ·         Full arm (wrist to shoulder) – $35-$80.

    ·         Half arm (wrist to elbow or elbow to shoulder) – $40-$60.

    ·         Back – $50-$110.

    ·         Bikini area – $30-$75. 

    As you can see, the prices vary according to body part and will also vary according to the location at which you receive your procedure.   Remember, it is always important to read up on a procedure before you have it done.  There are skin irritations that can occur and you should be well prepared to deal with them prior to having the procedure done.  Happy sugaring!

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