Super Foods Assist Weight Loss and Burn Fat

Super Foods Assist Weight Loss and Burn Fat

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  1. Researchers have been aware of the powerful health benefits of a Mediterraneanstyle diet for the last decade, and information is emerging to revel how a critical component of the diet directly affects our genes to promote natural weight loss. The results of a study published in BMG Genomics demonstrate how extra virgin olive oil beneficially impacts more than 100 separate genes which affect fat storage and obesity.

    Phenols, the active nutrients which are abundant in cold pressed extra virgin olive oil act to suppress inflammation in the body. This results in metabolic alterations and natural release of fat from storage. This is particularly important because inflammation is known to dramatically increase risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and many cancers.

    Food Directly Impacts Fat Burning Genes

    The foods we eat have a significant impact on our genes, and each meal consumed has a calculable effect on genetic switching, being either beneficial or harmful to our health. It’s important to understand that by making the proper dietary changes, we can alter our health risk profile. Incorporate these fat burning super foods into your diet to realize your weight loss and health goals.

    Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    The results of this study highlight the importance of extra virgin olive oil to a healthy weight loss plan. This oil is a rich source of monounsaturated fat which encourages the release of fat by increasing metabolism and reducing systemic inflammation. It’s important to note from this study that olive oil which had been refined did not have the same beneficial weight loss or health benefits.

    Additionally, it’s best not to cook with the oil as this will change its natural characteristics. Use it mixed with vinegar and spices as a dressing over your next salad full of fresh greens and vegetables. Experts agree that a tablespoon of olive oil each day is enough to receive the gene modification benefits and release stored body fat.

    Nuts and Seeds

    Nuts and seeds, specifically walnuts and almonds, have been regularly maligned as unhealthy due to their high calorie count, yet these super foods have been shown to regulate weight and trigger the release of fat. Nuts and seed are nature’s perfectly balanced food, with most health benefits coming from their superb balance of healthy fats, minerals and fiber. Enjoy your nuts and seeds raw, not roasted for maximum metabolic impact.

    Berries of All Shapes, Colors and Sizes

    Humans have evolved eating berries over countless generations. Berries are loaded with fiber which binds with the fruit sugar, fructose to prevent blood sugar from spiking. More importantly all berries are packed with powerful nutrients and phytochemicals which have been shown to lower disease risk and also modify critical obesity regulating genes. Have a cup of berries each day as an aid toward naturally reducing fat reserves.

    The foods we eat control our genetic destiny, how we age and the illnesses we develop over the course of many years. The important point to understand is that we’re continually altering our genes daily as we eat, and can change our genetic destiny by modifying our diet. Eating healthy and including fat burning super foods is a smart choice to release excess fat and maintain a natural and healthy weight for life.

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