Super Foods That Help Weight Loss

Super Foods That Help Weight Loss

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  1. While it may be true there’s no magical fat burning food, there are a number of super foods which assist the body to lose weight, or help to maintain a weight range once you’ve achieved your goal. These foods work by naturally controlling your hunger, increasing fat metabolism and burning extra calories for use as energy.

    Fill Up on Fresh Vegetables and Limited Fruits

    Fresh vegetables are the key to any healthy, well balanced weight loss program. No other food group can provide you with that important satisfied feeling which makes you stop eating. Vegetables are naturally low in calories and high in fiber which helps send the satiety signal to your brain that you’ve finished eating.

    Equally important, vegetables are naturally low in sugars so your blood glucose remains stable and you won’t be tempted to snack on junk food between meals. Most fruits are high in fiber and nutrients, but should be limited in the diet due to their relatively high sugar content.

    Include Healthy Protein Sources

    Protein has rapidly taken on the status of super food for those looking to lose weight. This is because proteins are very complex molecules which require considerable energy for the body to break down. Because of this long protein breakdown cycle, the signal to stop eating is sent to your brain sooner, and you remain satisfied longer, meaning you’re less likely stray from your healthy diet plan.

    Information published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition provides insight into foods which help to naturally increase our fat burning metabolism and allow us to better establish and maintain our target weight goal. Try incorporating these foods into your daily menu, as you slowly eliminate sugar, refined carbs, snacks and sweetened beverages.

    Fresh Brewed Green and White Tea

    Green and white teas are at the top of any food list which promotes weight loss. Very few food items have been studied as much as green tea for both their ability to naturally boost metabolism and the added health benefit of reduced cancer risk. Green tea, and to an even greater extent, the less processed white tea are packed with phytochemicals called catechins, known to stimulate metabolism and release stored fat.

    Low Calorie, Fresh Green Salads

    A fresh green salad is your best bet to fill your stomach without making a considerable dent in your daily calorie budget. The key here is to keep it low calorie. Many people include cheese, processed meats, potato salad, croutons and then top it off with a creamy dressing. Nutritional researchers found that those who ate a reduced calorie salad consisting of fresh greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots ate 12% fewer calories at that meal. By comparison, those who consumed a high calorie salad took in 17% more calories.

    Drink Plenty of Fresh Water

    Water is considered a super weight loss food for a variety of reasons, but the most important is that it quenches thirst, replacing sweetened beverages which provide no nutrition and plenty of calories. Water is the fluid of life and drives virtually every cellular function in our body, including fat metabolism. There’s no need to count how many glasses you drink each day, just be sure to have some ready for when you become thirsty.

    Selecting the correct foods to aid in your new weight loss lifestyle is an important first step which will deliver big rewards. Substitute these super foods into your diet, and slowly drop the high calorie alternatives which were the likely cause of your weight gain. Eating copious quantities of fresh greens and vegetables will not only help you realize your weight goal quicker, but you’ll feel more alive and energized for your efforts.

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