Supplements That Prevent Heart Disease

Supplements That Prevent Heart Disease

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  1. Millions are at risk from developing and dying from the most pervasive killer, heart disease. While more than 750,000 Americans die each year from one of the many types of this often silent disease, the most common form, known as coronary artery disease frequently results in narrowed arteries which become blocked by clots circulating in the blood.

    The Cause of Heart Disease is Based on Faulty Science

    The American public and many health professionals have been swayed by the millions of advertising dollars spent by the pharmaceutical giants to believe that heart disease is caused by high cholesterol and too much saturated fat in the diet. Extensive studies have demonstrated that the ‘cholesterol theory’ of heart disease is based on false science which has resulted in the untimely demise of countless individuals over the past half century.

    Special Antioxidant Cocktail Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

    Medical researchers now know that the root cause of heart disease is a processed diet including trans fats and excessive sugary drinks and junk food. These cause blood sugar and triglyceride levels to swing wildly, leading to insulin resistance, high blood pressure and hardened arteries. The results of a study published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism indicate that a nutrient cocktail consisting of 4 powerful and natural antioxidants was effective in improving blood sugar and lipid response, and have the ‘potential to alleviate atherosclerotic damage’.

    Heart Disease Caused by Lifestyle and Dietary Excess

    Heart disease is a condition caused by poor lifestyle and diet. Any valid attempt to prevent or treat this disease must include the elimination of wheat, refined carbohydrates, sugar and artificially produced trans fats. Regular exercise should be used to compliment a program designed to thwart this insidious killer. Fortunately there are a number of supplements which can be combined to pack a powerful punch against heart disease and the risk of sudden death.

    Antioxidant Cocktail That Reverses Heart Disease

    Study researchers concluded that the combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10 and selenium were able to produce significant positive effects of sugar and fat metabolism, blood pressure and arterial flexibility. This is important, as these biomarkers are all known causes of coronary artery disease. Vitamin C supplemented well above the recommended daily allowances is known to provide elasticity to the delicate arteries, and is needed to produce collagen which supports vessel wall structure.

    Fish Oil Fats and Arginine Boost Heart Health

    The Omega-3 fats, EPA and DHA have been consumed by man throughout our evolution, and have been shown to reduce the risk of sudden death from a heart attack by one third. These fats reduce the risks posed by blood clots as they keep platelets from clumping, and are also used in the construction of arterial cell walls. Arginine is an essential amino acid which supports the production of nitric oxide in the blood, and helps to relax stiffened arteries and reduce blood pressure.

    Natural Powerhouse Trio Eliminates Arterial Plaque

    Originally developed by Nobel prize winning scientist, Linus Pauling, the combination of the amino acids lysine and proline along with Vitamin C reduces coronary plaque formation, leading to lowered risk of a heart attack. The amino acids along with Vitamin C have been shown to bind with arterial plaque safely ushering the deadly substance out of the body. Recent studies indicate that the active component in green tea, EGCG can be added to the mixture to increase plaque removal.

    Many believe the causes of heart disease are either unknown, or are believed to be precipitated by excess cholesterol in the blood. Modern research paints a much different picture, and provides the natural tools we can use to avert and even treat coronary artery disease. Every adult should be aware of the antioxidant and nutritional cocktails demonstrated to be effective against heart disease.

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