Taco-Catered Weddings: Trends that Make Receptions More Inviting

The sit-down reception worked in days past. But couples are redefining the whole wedding experience – in ways that honor guests as much as the happy couple.


Every year has its wedding trends and 2017 is no exception. In for the foreseeable future will be bolder colors, organic (no pesticide) flowers, days other than Saturdays, unique locations, body veils (akin to sheer, floor-length capes) – and no sit-down dinners. 


To that last point about the mill-about, roam-around, socialize-with-many style of dining, there are some complications to what seems like a simple idea. They include foods requiring minimal to no cutlery, nothing too drippy, and still versatile enough to satisfy the range of dietary preferences (carnivores, vegetarians, etc.). Fortunately, the default to taco catered weddings seems to answer all of these needs. 


The hand-held nature of tacos is an obvious advantage. The diner can do it with ease, sometimes even while holding a drink in the other hand. Some diners may wish to sit while others might want high-top tables for a brief interchange with other guests. They might even park their tacos there momentarily when making a trip to the mobile margarita bar; some hosts hire wait staff to pour margaritas for diners wherever they may be.


Mobile taco catering also covers the trend toward unique locations. Everyone loves the idea of nuptials on a bluff looking out on the ocean, or a poolside ceremony and reception. But the engineering of efficient meal service can be a nightmare: either the food is brought in from elsewhere and warmed over on banquet service tables, or the site has to accommodate an on-site kitchen. 


But importantly from a quality perspective, taco cart caterers are able to set up multiple stations that enable one-on-one service. This is made-for-you dining, where guests can have one or more tacos with ingredients of their choosing, as well as in quantities that match their appetite. There are no half-eaten chickens or prime ribs or untouched baked potatoes at taco-catered weddings. The minimal waste is all an indicator that guests got exactly what they wanted.


An important distinction needs to be made between the mobile-cart style service and taco buffets. The former are more appropriate for dressier events such as weddings or business events. Taco buffets might be found at little league sports events or other mass feedings where a lower price-per-attendee is a priority. For cleaner and more personalized service multiple taco carts are recommended.


So the weddings of 2017 offer some surprises and welcome additions to the traditions of marriages and other important family gatherings. The rule is simplicity, cleanliness – and personalization to make every guest feel almost as important as the bride and groom.


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