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Train with Easter Queens Boxing Club

Boxing is an art not just a fight or punching sport in a ring. We often take that as a game where you are required to beat your opponent with a heavy and hard punch of yours. No, it is not, even though you have muscle power with a heavy figure and confidence of punching […]

Boxing Club

Boxing is a combat sport that requires use of multiple defense and attack techniques which can only be developed through years of practice and proper guidance from a professional. In olden times boxing wasn’t considered as a profession by youngsters but in recent times the fans of boxing have drastically increased with the emergence of […]

Boxing – A Combat Sport

Self-defense is the attribute naturally gifted to all living organisms but in humans it has become extremely important to acquire and master this quality of defending oneself from sudden threats and crimes that are on a rise in recent times. Women, children and senior citizens are mostly the victims because they lack the self-defense tricks […]

Boxing Training Gym in Queens, New York City

You don’t need to be a professional boxer or mixed martial arts student for getting trained but you need to carefully select your trainer because he is the person who will help you to achieve your goals and train you with the perfect skills required as per your caliber a d strength. Eastern Queens boxing […]

Best Boxing Club in Queens – EQBCNY

Queens is a place where boxing is taken on a serious note, it’s not only about time spent and bonds built, but it’s about dedication, loyalty and performance. The most desirable Queens boxing trainer is the one, whose chief goal is to be taught more or to perform better, and if kids boxing in Queens are considered, […]