Kids boxing club in Queens

Boxing Club

Boxing is a combat sport that requires use of multiple defense and attack techniques which can only be developed through years of practice and proper guidance from a professional. In olden times boxing wasn’t considered as a profession by youngsters but in recent times the fans of boxing have drastically increased with the emergence of […]

Kids Boxing and Development

Food, clothing, and shelter were supposed to be the basic needs of mankind but along with the technological advancements the use of modern technology has been added to this list. Infact, in recent times, food, clothing and shelter also depends upon technology which is posing a threat to the health of entire human race. It’s […]

Eastern Queens boxing club,Fitness Club

Boxing is a combat sport which requires years of dedication, consistency and practice to master the art of boxing but only a selected few can do so and make a promising career in boxing. In general people from all age groups and gender can try their hands on boxing as it is a great way […]