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Taco-Catered Weddings: Trends that Make Receptions More Inviting

The sit-down reception worked in days past. But couples are redefining the whole wedding experience – in ways that honor guests as much as the happy couple.   Every year has its wedding trends and 2017 is no exception. In for the foreseeable future will be bolder colors, organic (no pesticide) flowers, days other than […]

Backyard Entertaining With Tacos: It’s Kid and Adult Friendly

Things have changed since you were a kid. The mommy bloggers show pretty pictures of impossibly whimsical events; catered tacos make it possible.   If you’re someone without children, chances are you don’t peruse the mommy blogs. But if you work in the world of mobile taco catering, you should. Because mommies and their kids […]

The Margarita Truck and the Science and Art of Margarita Making

If your taco caterers offer a margarita bar for your event, that’s Step One. Step Two is to provide kickass margaritas with something extra.    The fiesta of your dreams might be just around the corner. Mobile taco catering companies are upping their game with not just great tacos but also margaritas that will get […]

For Events in Beverly Hills and Malibu, Taco Catering Cuts It

They’ve traveled far from street fare to Hollywood’s elite, but the essential nature of tacos is why the tortilla and its fillings have achieved star status.   Tacos are not just an LA thing. Tacos are turning up on five-star restaurant and private club menus across the country – and are being welcomed with open […]

Avocado: A Vital Component of Tacos and Taco Cart Catering

We assume that “alligator fruit” is available in all tacos sold. Most taco caterers are open to alternative ideas – just remember that diners love avocados.     No law anywhere says a taco should have some avocadoes in the ingredients. But as most taco caterers will tell you, it’s a crime if you don’t offer […]