Technology Trends

Technology Trends

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  1. Internet technological trends

    Internet technology trends continues to evolve and allow for a substantive audience. Looking back, the internet incorporated very few browsers, companies selling their services and products, and people! The internet trend has changed the way businesses are able to find, connect, and sell products to consumers. The internet now allows any business in the world the option to sell their products to any citizen or virtually any country. With resent additions by Google Inc. internet users and businesses now have the options to use Google chrome browser capable of automatic page encryption, transferring of bookmarks from one system to the next, and advanced search options. Just 2 days ago, a friend was concerned with having lost all  internet trend bookmarks from 5 years of work. Today, they realized that Google chrome provides bookmark backup every time they visit an internet page. Now, they can install Google chrome at work, friend’s laptop, while on vacation, and have automatic access to the same bookmarks which were transferred into chrome from Internet Explorer several days ago!  The future promises advanced internet trend accessibility with high end search engines using wireless technology trends.  

    Wireless technological trends

    Just 3 years ago, only 5 percent of the international population was able to access the internet using wireless handheld technology. Now, more than 40 percent of those who access the internet do so while on the go using present wireless technology trends. Wireless technology trend users have the capability of setting up secure connections to home and business printers to print straight from their handheld devices to domain or workgroup printers. Users may setup home or business wireless technology trend routers capable of transmitting internet signals as far as 500 feet with the use of advanced wireless routers and wireless access points. The future promises wireless technology capability to transmit internet technology signals as far as 2000 feet from centralized routers and access points. Critics argue that 10 years from today, wireless technology trends will be so advanced that Internet service providers can provide internet service without the use of physical cables! Future technology promises enhanced security authentication to ease the security concerns with transmitting data wirelessly. 20 years from today, wireless technology is estimated to be available to more than 75 percent of the international population.

    Business technological trends

    The combination of internet and wireless advances provided Businesses with the most elite methods of selling, marketing, and promoting products and services via advanced business technology tends. Just 5 years ago, CEO Michael Dell owner of the world’s largest computer manufacturer was challenged with how to sell computers internationally. Today, Michael Dell has the ability to reach buyers in more than 100 countries using the business technology trends from yesterday. In several years, Michal Dell will be capable of distributing new computer system to more than 150 existing and new countries, all with the advancements in business technology trends!

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