How to Tell Which Cat is the Alpha Cat

You might have thought that only cats had a pack mentality, but cats also have a pecking order when it comes to the community both indoor and outdoor. Cat communities are a lot more subtle and you can easily miss the signs of being social if you aren’t observant. When your home has multiple cats, you will notice that among your cats there always seems to be that one cat that is in charge of the rest, or the alpha cat. If you’re wondering which cat is the head-honcho among your home’s felines, it’s easy to pick out the alpha cat based on the way he or she acts.




Male vs. Female Alpha Cats


Male cats are generally the dominant cat among the other felines. Simply put, males are the more dominant because they want to procure the most females for mating. If your male has been neutered at a younger age, it is possible that a larger and more savvy female cat can take over, but it is more common for male cats to maintain an alpha status than for females to.




Alpha Cat Behavior and Role


Guests and New House Members: The alpha cat is the cat that keeps the human in line and lets all the other cats know the drill. When a new person arrives in the home, the alpha cat is the one to meet and greet and check out the new smells (or mark the new smells with a cheek and tail rub).




Feeding Time: You might notice that one cat in particular is very vocal about when it is time to be fed. Regardless if you use an automated cat feeder, cats keep very routine when it comes to feeding time. Older cats especially can become stressed and agitated if you veer from a usual feeding schedule. Cats like consistency and it comforts them when things occur at a set time of day.




Sleeping Hours: The alpha cat is the one that will wake you in the morning and that will roost by your side. While other cats will frequently join in and not necessarily be banned from the bed as well, the alpha will always have the best sleeping spot and have the right to wake you when you are supposed to awaken routinely.

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