Thanksgiving Guide

Thanksgiving Guide

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  1. Thanksgiving is Just Around the Corner!

    Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for which you are thankful and to celebrate the Plymouth Colony with the first Thanksgiving between the Pilgrims and the Indians. Celebrated with a hearty feast with turkey at the center of the table, Thanksgiving is one of those holidays adored by most for its traditions and family spirit. Here is a guide to help you celebrate your Thanksgiving right (and without burning your house down).

    The first thanksgiving


    The History of Thanksgiving

    To many, Thanksgiving is all about the food and sharing time with your family. It is common knowledge that Thanksgiving started with the Pilgrims and the Indians at Plymouth, but where did it go from there? It is always interesting to look into the real history of Thanksgiving aside from the basic history they teach you in grade school.

    It’s All About the Turkey

    Thanksgiving dinner would not be the same without a nice, hearty turkey to go along with it. The turkey is the star of every Thanksgiving, but the ways of preparing it have developed into more complex methods that have added unique flares to this delicious dish. From frying to brining, there are many ways to add flavor and delight to your Thanksgiving feast. We also have helpful tips as to what to do with your leftovers.

    Thanksgiving sides

    Complement the Turkey with Appetizers and Sides

    You can’t just make a fantastic turkey and forget the sides at Thanksgiving. From candied yams to delicious apple pies, Thanksgiving sides and appetizers are what make you go back for seconds and thirds.


    Thanksgiving Table Etiquette: Add a Touch of Class to your Thanksgiving

    In order to make your Thanksgiving dinner run smoothly, it is important to make your guests feel comfortable. An elegant table and a game plan of how to get through cooking the feast safely will put both you and your guests at ease.

    Thanksgiving bouquet
    community service on thanksgiving


    Unorthodox Thanksgivings: Making your own Thanksgiving Traditions

    Not everyone has the same Thanksgiving traditions centered around a massive turkey and a feast. Some like to watch their waistlines, and others like to give back on this day of thanks.

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