The Benefits of Family Routines

The Benefits of Family Routines

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  1. Mothers have a variety of different roles in life besides being a mom. For someone who is a married, working mother it can be difficult to juggle so many different roles and responsibilities. Mornings are often hectic for a working mother, who must make sure her children are up, dressed, fed, and out the door before she leaves to go to work. These tasks can be complicated by many factors such as problems with the family pet, oversleeping, or trying to tie up odds and ends from the night before.

    If you are a working mom who can relate to hectic mornings, one thing you can do to make it more manageable is to plan for tomorrow, today. By planning your morning ahead of time you will not only know what to expect for the following day, but you will also save yourself a tremendous amount of time and effort. Mornings become a lot more manageable if you don’t have to pack school lunches, sign off on homework, and clean up last night’s dinner dishes all before you walk out the door!

    Another advantage of planning ahead is that children respond well to routine. A child who knows what to expect every morning is much less likely to have a major meltdown when it matters most. Research shows that children crave routines. Children that have scheduled routines surrounding daily activities such as getting ready for school, or preparing to go to bed, are much more likely to feel calm and secure. In addition, routines help to promote positive behaviors such as responsibility in young children.

    Don’t complicate your life by being unprepared! As a savvy, hard-working, working mother you can reduce your stress and make daily tasks more peaceful for you and your children by establishing routines and sticking to them!

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