1. There are bound to be fans of the Chicago Cubs who wish to see Zambrano remain a member of the team despite his latest embarrassing outburst and subsequent suspension but in short, those people simply don’t understand just how large a negative affect keeping a toxic personality like Zambrano around can have.

    For what seems like the 100th time in his career in Chicago, Zambrano has alienated his own teammates with his antics.  When Alfonso Soriano, who is by all accounts a great teammate starts talking about how your act is wearing thin, your act is truly wearing thin.

    Zambrano has a ritual he goes through whenever he screws up like this.  He’ll stew in his own juices for a few days, then issue a formal and underwhelming apology and then in a couple of months will proclaim he’s a new Carlos Zambrano.  This new Carlos usually lasts for about six months or so, depending on the timing of the outburst and then it is back to immature business as usual.

    The indefinite suspension the club has handed him this season should be used as a way for the club to finally part ways with a player that is losing more supporters by the day.  Even steadfast Zambrano fans are starting to realize that his time in a Cub uniform should be limited at this point.

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