The Culinary Institute of America

The Culinary Institute of America

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  1. Top culinary school

    The Culinary Institute of America is the premier culinary school in the United States. Its main campus is in Hyde Park, New York, and it has a campus in California’s Napa Valley and one in San Antonio, Texas. When I say it’s the premier culinary school, I mean that if you are considering a career in the hospitality business, the Culinary Institute of America is the place to go.

     Graduates command respect

    Based on my personal experience – and I have worked for all sorts of chefs – Culinary Institute of America graduates are skilled, competent cooks who know how to concoct many, many dishes. On top of their culinary skills, they flat out know how to run a kitchen. Their operations are disciplined and professional, and the cooks working for them tend to be serious about the trade. One of the best jobs I have ever had was working under a chef trained at the Culinary Institute of America. Graduates command respect.

    Bachelor degree

    The Culinary Institute of America offers a Bachelor of Occupational Studies in Culinary Arts Management degree. The program takes 36 months to complete. Students will learn about cookery for sure. They will study financial management and restaurant operations. They will pick up knowledge of human psychology, leadership and ethics.

    Culinary arts

    On offer as well is an Associate in Occupational Studies in Culinary Arts. It takes 21 months to complete and is aimed at teaching cooking skills.


    Students may also select courses of study in baking and pastry arts and in wine and beverages.

     Tuition and fees

    Education at top flight schools rarely comes cheap, and the education at the Culinary Institute of America is no different. To finish the bachelor degree a student will be looking at around $130,000. That includes a bunk in a four-man room and two meals on each instructional day. The associate degree will be about half that. Yes, that’s a serious pile of money. However, "that doesn’t mean a Culinary Institute of America education is financially out of reach," the Culinary Institute of America’s website says. " The staff wants you to go to school there. "Our caring and professional financial aid staff will do everything possible to help you realize your dream of a Culinary Institute of America education."

    Work at country clubs, on yachts

    People will say that they don’t need any degree from the Culinary Institute of America to be a chef. They are right. It is possible to become a chef without school, but it’s the Culinary Institute of America grads who are working at the country clubs and on the yachts. The "chefs" with no formal training are the ones grinding through their long, long days in their industrial kitchens.

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