1. There are five basic principles that a Reiki practitioner learns during their training.  Reiki practitioners that follow these principles will make Reiki a part of their daily lives. Reiki does not have to be just a healing process it can be a way of life. Following these principles integrates Reiki into the whole person.

    Just for today, I will not anger.

    This seems like a simple principle to integrate into ones life. Do let your anger take control of your life. Try to avoid situations that make you angry. Do not give in to anger. Find constructive ways to deal with anger when it arises.

    Just for today, I will not worry.

    This may be a difficult one for some people. Worry has become a way of life for some of us. There are many things that a person worries about on a daily basis. The subject of worry can be health, finances and more. Do not let the worry consume you. Do not let yourself become so attached to the worry that you forget to live.

    I will earn my living honestly.

    This should be a fairly easy concept. Do not mislead people about your qualifications. Be honest in all of your dealings. Being truthful to your self and to others and it will bring the best rewards.

    I will honor my parents, teachers, and elders.

    This principle we are taught as children and it applies to adults as well. Honor those people who have contributed to your life. Give them the respect that they deserve and earn their respect.

    I will show respect to every living being.

    Do not abuse the planet, trees, plants or animals. Be respectful of every creature’s right to exist.

    These five basic principles are simple to understand. Following these principles helps a Reiki practitioner be an honest person and a compassionate healer.

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