The IBM ThinkPad T500, A Mans Favorite Computer

The IBM ThinkPad T500, A Mans Favorite Computer

  1. The IBM Thinkpad T500. I honestly have to say, this laptop is amazing. My mother won it in a contest at her job two days ago. She gave it to me, as a present.

    I thought it would be terrible, because I thought IBM’s were more of an 80s kind of computer. Boy, was I wrong. It’s fast, and its reliable. I haven’t had any crashes so far. All of my programs are working fine right now. Its easy to use, and sleek and compact for traveling. It is easy for me to update my website with this, too. I highly recommend it. It came with Windows XP, which made me angry. But I simply found out, I could change the nasty outlook to the Vista outlook easily! I bet me and this laptop are gonna be the best of friends!

    The IBM Thinkpad is a wonderful brand of laptop. It automatically latches on the to the closest wireless connections with the best reception. No need to search through a lagging list of wireless networks, determine which is best, and try to find a password to get Internet connection. The IBM Thinkpad automatically looks for the closest (And open) wireless network so you do not have to!

    The speed of the laptop is incredible. Almost as soon as you click on the icon of "Internet Explorer", the window opens and the home page is revealed almost instantaneously. Even with the 6 tool bars I have installed, The computer still processes scripts at lightning fast speeds. The Pentium Core Processor it comes equipped with is certainly an amazing complimentary feature given by IBM.

    It also comes with an "Access IBM" feature, a button place right on the upper left corner of the laptop. This allows you to access many features. Another positive add-on is the IBM Notification service. This gives you automatic updates on your IBM Thinkpad’s condition. It tells you when to update, or when a certain component of the computer is malfunctioning and it gives you information on how to troubleshoot it!


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