The Importance of Goal Setting ….and Daily Planning!

The Importance of Goal Setting ….and Daily Planning!

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  1. Remember the old saying, “Stand for something or fall for anything?” Well that still holds true to this day. Unless you set life goals, and make daily plans towards accomplishing them. Eventually you will start to feel as if your life has become meaningless.

    You’ll start to lose focus of your objectives in life, allowing yourself to become engulfed with everything else other than accomplishing your goals.

    Your daily planning should reflect your New Year Goals in ways that if you were to do a monthly outline of your goals, you can flip through the pages like a cartoon script and see your yearly goals evolving step-by-step.

    All it takes is a step-by-step approach.

    Start your New Year Goals with a theme for the year.  My theme for last year was “The Year of the Break thru…out with the Old and In With the New! And that is exactly how my year went.

    I started utilizing my journalism degree by freelance writing for 2 online companies; Textbrokers and Experts 123.

    Then, I became certified in Medical Massage while I was in the process of leaving my job as a massage therapist at Nordstrom Spa, to open a Health Spa in Dunwoody, Georgia.

    And, none of it would have happened, if I had chosen not to write a New Year’s list of goals.  My goals kept me focused each month as to the direction I was going.

    Goals keep people on track, so write your goals for this New Year and post them in your home-office area so you can see them every morning when starting your day.

    When making New Year Goals it is important to search for improvement in every area of your life.

    Your goals should be reasonable and well defined.


    2011 New Year Goals

    Theme” Example: The Year of the Break thru


    I.                    Professional Growth Goals

    a.      Example: Increase sales volume by 1/3 in the first two quarters.

    b.      Example: Cultivate relationships with co-workers and management staff.

    c.       Example: Get more education or training.

    II.                  Personal Growth Goals

    a.      Example: Be a more discipline parent to my teenager.

    b.      Example: Be more understanding of my partners needs.    

    III.                Self Growth

    a.      Example: Improve who I am as a mother/father by…

    b.      Example: Improve who I am as a wife, husband, significant other by…

    c.       Example: Improve who I am as a business woman/man by…

    d.      Example: Improve who I am as a (son) daughter or granddaughter (son) by…

    IV.               Spiritual Growth

    a.      Example: Attend service more often.

    b.      Example: Pray everyday

    V.                 Relationship Growth

    a.      Example: Be more compassionately expressive and less reactive.

    b.      Example: Confront issues as they arise.

    VI.               Physical Growth

    a.      Example: Do palates 2 times a week.

    b.      Example: Work out in gym 3 times a week.

    c.       Example: Take supplements 3 times a week.

    VII.             Financial Growth

    a.      Example: Pay credit card debt down or off.

    b.      Example: Have 3-6 months (or more) worth total monthly expense in savings.

    When it comes to planning out your goals, it never hurts to write out a “’wish list” before starting.

    Make sure to include small steps towards achieving everything you wish for in your New Year Goals.

    Although planning may sound simple, it’s simply not!

    It takes organization to execute a well written plan.

    When planning, I have two simple suggestions that will make your New Year Goals hard not to obtain!

    1.       Sign up for a Gmail account (if you don’t already have one).

    2.       Then, go out and get a smart phone (download Google mobile app first) to sink your business and personal contacts on your phone with your Gmail account, Google calendar with your phone, and social networks into.

    Update your Gmail calendar from any computer daily and it will sink in with your smart phone accordingly. You can also auto-set your calendar to alarm your phone when you have a scheduled appointment or task for the day.


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