The Need to Eat Frugally

The Need to Eat Frugally

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  1. There are numerous reasons why a family or an individual will need eat frugal meals at home and work. The desire to eat frugally is one such reason. A person may feel that food, at least what is good for you, is simply too expensive to purchase on a regular basis. Other reasons include:

    • A large family: Many people do not have an unlimited amount of money for grocery shopping, but have to feed a family of six or more.
    • Low-Income: Perhaps you receive FoodStamps and/or WIC because you cannot afford the total cost of food for your household. Or, your job simply doesn’t pay you enough to purchase expensive food items.
    • School: As a student living off-campus, you may not have time for a full-time job. Perhaps you have a full-time job, but your bills are so high that food cannot always be purchased.
    • Illness: If you were unfortunate enough to get sick or need surgery for something, your income is likely lower than normal.
    • Skyrocketing prices: Food prices seem to keep going up. There is always the possibility that you simply do not want to spend so much money on food.

    Whatever your reason for needing or wanting to eat frugally, you still need to eat healthy. Otherwise, weight gain and illness will set in. You have to find a way to do this without spending a lot of money at the grocery store each week.

    Explore ways in which you can save money on grocery bills. Ways to supplement the food coming into your home. Consider a community garden, and the use of food cupboards and soup kitchens if necessary. By utilizing these community resources, you will be able to cut your food costs down dramatically at times.

    Actively search out recipes that will help you to save money as well. Some blogs, such as the Frugal Recipes blog, are helpful. Web sites will also be useful. Parents and grandparents are often viable sources of recipes, as is your universities’ extenson office.

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