The Pros and Cons to Declawing Your Cat

The Pros and Cons to Declawing Your Cat

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  1. Declawing catsCats use their claws for more than just destructive purposes, but removing their claws altogether can be hazardous for the cat and in many ways cruel. If your cat is living with an elderly person with sensitive skin and frequently causes accidental punctures from jumping on them, declawing might be a necessary evil, but there are also alternatives to declawing that are less permanent for your cat.

    The Lighter Side of Declawing

    You will save money on scratching posts and furniture if you declaw your cat, but you will also need to ensure that your cat never gets outside. For an indoor-only cat, this is a doable fate and eventually your cat will be able to jump to high places after the surgery. After the surgery heals, your cat should not experience any pain post procedure.

    Declawing is Essentially Chopping off the Nubs

    Imagine that you wanted to remove your nails permanently. You could not simply remove the nail, as it would grow back. Instead, a veterinarian must surgically remove part of the foot itself in order for the cat to have its claws permanently removed. If you could not imagine doing this to yourself, consider that your cat might not appreciate it either.

    Trim Nails or Get Nail Caps

    If your cat is destructive or simply causes too many scratches on friends and family, you have the option of using cat nail caps, which attach to the nail and prevent the claw from sharpening or causing scratch marks.

    The best way to control cat scratches and destructiveness is to trim your cat’s claws weekly.

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