The truth behind why nice guys finishes last

The first day in elementary school, I literally asked the girl sitting next to me can she be my wife just simply after our name introduction. She turned away without words. Yet in the later three years, we got engaged crazily. Even with often bullying and harsh words thrown at her by me like “fat dragon pig”, and incessant amount of stealing her little cute stuff, she sticked by my side like I am the best men in the world. I was not sexually mature at that point, so I really did not get it when my relatives praised me when I showed them a nice present she gave to me. “WoW, a girl gave that to you? Good future boy!” I really did not feel anything at that age to be honest, and to me, she is just another normal friend.

Sad truth is, she moved to another school. I never got to see her again. But in fifth grade, I got engaged to a really popular girl in my class, the valedictorian. And that was a huge surprise even to me.  The reason is simply I was the naughtiest kid in the class and would do anything and say anything. I would flirt with her, pinch her face, and even ask her about deep family stuff, which her close friends probably didn’t know. And you guessed it, I was a playboy.

So what happened afterwards? I learnt how to be nice people. I started treating people respectfully with solid manners and helped when I could. But the joke is, I never ever got engaged after I became nice.

What is the truth about nice guys finishing last? The truth is: nice guys do finish last, and it is right, they do, but not because of the reason you might think. Let us turn our focus to these series of questions : As a guy, would you define your best male friend as soulmate, or would you rather pursue a female but with less of the same personality? Would you have a girl that understands you but with no genitals to be your wife? And would you date a pig, a nice pig?

If you are a normal man, the answers are pretty obvious: no! F**K NO!

Dating is based on sex, not other bullshit qualities that get advertised by Hollywoods. If dating is not based on attraction between the opposite sexes, then why don’t guys just stick with their bros and marry them? Yes, it is shallow, but that is just the biology of humans. Every normal person on the earth have sexual desires, and they would find a partner/ partners to solve it. The good qualities of trust, intelligence, hobbies..all comes after that. Without sex, no matter how good you are at other stuff, you will be valued a total worthless partner to other sexes! No girls would want a man to politely ask her: ” can I insert my genital into your virginia? Could I go further? Could I move faster?” Acting nice is just not what dating is about!

But nice guys do get girls, yes. But do they get as many girls as the “fuckboys” do? Not even half. Nice guys ask politely to women, while “fuckboys” flirt with them. This increases the “fuckboys”’ possibility of getting girls attracted to them and works great in dating.

Now you might think: does that mean I should not act politely to women and should treat all women as bitches? No, I am not asking you to sacrifice your integrity. The reason why nice finishes last is simply because of their reduced sexual attractiveness, not directly because they are nice people. We love nice people! Who does not want nice people to be their friends? But a lot of nice people are too nice, and they think their manners could get them attraction from the opposite sex. They want to get repaid, they act like machines, they are boring!

So what is the solution right here? If one want to remain nice to other human beings but have sexaul desires, here is what he should do. Remain as a nice person, but start flirting and showing sexual signs towards the females! This would show off your good quality while hugely increase your sexual attractiveness than before. Being a jerk is not required to get girls, but being nice on the inside and some occasional flirt or even bullying or spanking will do you a great job! Not only the girls will be attracted to you on the first glance, she will be madly in love with you because of your qualities. Dress nicely, go to gym, clean your room. The above procedure can help an average guys to get girls dreaming all over them.


Hope this helps, best of my wishes!

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